If you are a student of class 9 or above, and you are overwhelmed by career choices
being introduced to you. You are anxious about your next step – be it selecting the right
stream, selecting right institution or any other transition in life. You surely need
someone to hand hold you and guide you through the process of building upon your
present and carve your future.

A survey by HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management in a report titled “The Value of
Education: Learning for Life”, it was reposted that, at least 51% of Indian parents’
priority is their child’s financial success. This makes us agree that parents lead, when it
comes to making career decisions for us. Sometimes, it works and many a times, it does
not. Research findings indicate that there are many reasons of parental plan to fail, most
common is communication gap, family set up, social stigmas, and a few more.

Career Counsellors help an individual find an objective advice and help in planning a
pathway that is meticulously mapped based on hard facts and research-
a. Your interests and aptitude with the help of series of tests, for example, personality,
IQ and aptitude tests, to help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

b. Help set up short and long term goals that are assessed and reviewed at regular
intervals in the most unbiased manner.

c. Inform about various suitable options and assist in making an informed choice

d. Gear you up to face the next steps of admission including making application,
preparing for interview and much more.

e. Work with you to create and showcase you in a most appealing and professional
manner to the potential takers – schools, colleges, employers etc.

So what are you waiting for come visit us today. Register for free aptitude test!

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