May 19

May 7, 2019

Indo-French agreement for mutual recognition of degrees

The agreement between France and India for the Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications signed during President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to...

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Apr 19

April 10, 2019

Canada holds doors wide open for Indians

In Boost For STEM Group, Country To Expand Special Visa Scheme, Ease Path To Permanent Citizenship Lubna.Kably@timesgroup.com Canada is set...

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Dec 18

December 20, 2018

Indians to benefit as UK plans to remove cap on skilled migrants

LONDON: An unlimited number of highly skilled workers from India will be able to migrate to the UK after Brexit in proposals that mark the biggest overhaul of Britain’s immigration system in 40 years.

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Jun 18

June 15, 2018

Student Direct Stream SDS Canada in India

It was announced several times recently that study direct stream was to be implemented in February 2018 and then in March 2018 to India and finally it has now been officially announced on 8th of June 2018 in the above-said countries.  Most SPP colleges had implemented the SDS program requirements already, which impacted their overall student numbers from India.

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May 18

May 28, 2018

France accepts Indian degrees

A world leader in arts, sport, science, and technology, France is one of Europe’s most creative nations, Home to Nobel laureates, Fields Medal (mathematics Nobel) winners, artists and thinkers, France is now on way to becoming one of the top destinations for Indian students.

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