India has always ranked among the top countries sending their students to Australia, with approximately 110,000 Indian students studying in Australia as of 2023.  But the sharp increase in Australia’s student visa fees, now doubled, starting from Monday, 01 July 2024,  shows a policy shift aimed at reducing the migrating student population, posing a significant hurdle, particularly for aspiring Indian students. 

Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said that this policy shift will create a better, fairer, and smaller migration system for Australia. With student visa fees going from $473 (AUD 710 or ₹39423) to $1,068 (AUD 1,600 or ₹88841) the ministry has imposed a surprising 125% hike to control the migration. For example, the new visa fee for a student visa subclass 500 (Full Time Study Visa) is now AUD 1,620, up from AUD 630. This hike is part of a measure focused on controlling migration numbers and ensuring that the migration system positively affects Australia’s economy and brings faith to the education system of Australia.

International students saw Australia as an affordable option for the best overseas education but now they might shift to alternatives like Canada or the US where the fee is still under $200 for all. In connection with increasing student visa fees, Australia has also tightened its English language requirements for international students. The scores for standardized English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE have also increased and made necessary for every visa approval. These policies aim to close any loopholes in student visas for the country. 

Australian ministers also pointed out that International students often extended their stays in the country. 

Furthermore, this new policy also stops a few categories of temporary visa holders like Temporary Graduates, Visitor, and Maritime Crew from applying for student visas from within Australia. Doubling visa fees could create financial hardship for students and their families, directly affecting the number of future departures from India. Along with the changes in student visa fees, the Australian government has also changed the minimum deposit requirement for student visas from $16,146 (AUD 24,505 or ₹13,59,621 ) to $19,576 (AUD). 29,710 or ₹16,48,413 ).

Impact Of Increased Student Visa Cost On Indian Students 

Financial Impact – Many international students already face the burdens of student loans and international study loans, and this new policy adds fuel to their miseries. Costs for tuition, living expenses, and travel for any Indian international student create affordability issues in the population and potentially decrease future applications from Indian students. 

Educational Impact – Australia is a focus for students due to high-quality educational institutions, courses offered and professional opportunities Increasing salaries give Indian students restricted access to these types of education and they are considered to transfer elsewhere with lower costs such as Canada, UK, and USA. Australian universities often offer financial help to international students which can also increase fees to cover the cost of the support services provided. 

Impact on Enrollment – Higher student visa costs could reduce the number of Indian students applying to Australian universities and affect the country’s economy. This could affect diversity programs on campus and adversely affect the quality of education available to Indian students.

Impact on Mental Health – These sudden changes in policies can cause stress and tension for Indian students and their families who are planning their future through this process of studying abroad. The lack of motivation and the pressure of policy changes can negatively affect their mental health and affect their future decisions. 

Impact on Career Planning – Many Indian students may have to change their plans to Study in Australia to alternative countries that they can afford better due to lack of finances. With such a dramatic increase in investment in studying abroad, it can also be difficult for students to achieve the same ROI (return on investment) despite finding better-paying job opportunities.

Impact on Long-term Relations – India and Australia may face challenges in future educational opportunities and partnerships in education and cultural exchange due to the changes of international travel and educational exchange policies. Australia’s image as a good, affordable, and quality study-abroad destination has changed after this reform in the Indian population.


The Australian ministry’s recent decision to increase student visa fees and tighten English language requirements could have a significant impact on Indian students aiming to study in Australia. Rising visa fees from AUD 710 to AUD 1,620, coupled with tougher standards for English language proficiency, could make many students rethink their plans.

Increased financial pressure and uncertainty cannot change the fact that Australia continues to provide high quality education and post-graduate employment opportunities for all students. But these new barriers may force students to seek more expensive locations such as Canada, the UK and the US.

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