Free assessment

Our well qualified advisors assess your current profile, help you identify your strengths through free aptitude and psychometric evaluation based on the scientific evaluation and testing methodology. The results are further discussed with student and family.

Career planning

Based on outcome of assessment career mapping is done keeping short term and long term goals of an individual and his/her family in mind. The map includes straight pathways to achieve goal and an alternative route to reach the desired goals. Our product Launch pad is designed to support students starting as young as class 9 onwards. With career planning we not only support them in answering the following as per need of the individual

  • Which stream to select?
  • Which institute to select?
  • Where to study – In India/ overseas?
  • What will be the expenses?
  • What will I gain?
  • Prospective jobs that I can get post course completion?

University selection

We understand so many choices to select from can be overwhelming. Hence with our Medley Programme and study destination to meet your requirements. Not to forget the selection is made primarily on the basis of academic best fit, budget available, and university ranking. Advantage the student gets from us – as we are not agents and hence do not shy away from making your application to any/ all universities you aspire for.

Application building

Our expert advisors continue to abreast themselves with admission procedure and application requirements, which vary from one university to another university and country to country. Thus make them the best mentors, who can guide you to present your best application forward to meet the first round of screening. We also support developing application for scholarships across the government and educational bodies by editing and supporting you in compiling your Statement of Purpose, Admission essays etc. Our Intellect programme support students in making their application for making timely scholarship based application..

Other addons

Visa application – We will hand hold you in filling your visa for all countries. Our team will not only guide but assist you in preparing your visa file, educate and conduct mock sessions with you for visa interview prep.
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Pre- departure briefing – We will support you in managing your accommodation, assign buddy at university, patch you with other travelers, guide you on ensuring the you have the most comfortable and smooth transition between home and destination country.

Ticketing, Forex and Education Loans– We have tie up with external yet reliable resources offering most competitive prices to our patrons for managing flight tickets, foreign exchange, and speedy education loans.