Some of these posts just make me sick to my stomach

If you were raped in some way or had a gun held to your head, or disabled, unable to work and left abandoned by your lover and the father of your children that’s different

i want to know why some people can be on welfare their whole lives with nothing wrong with them, but i am a 30 year old man with no kids and i worked for 11 years at a company that decided to move the jobs to china and i can’t even get one cent. if i were a woman, then they would just hand me as much as i wanted. is this really fair. i think the government is sexist! anon1374

I divorced when my son was almost two years old and I was 23. I worked but didn’t make enough money to support us. I asked for help (back in 1982) and was told that I made too much money. I did it on my own. Rent, food, car, daycare, etc. I was so proud of myself for not living off the government! Pride! That’s what it’s all about: pride!

I have a family member who had an eight year old daughter, met a guy who had two kids (one and two years old), and then she got pregnant and had twins. Neither one of them Columbus escort reviews work. She spends hours on the computer looking for ways to get more money. The twins were born early and she gets money for that every month. The other two kids mother had died, so they get money. She gets ADC, food stamps, WIC and who knows what else. They have a big screen TV, both have Blackberries, (and both have a free government phone), and they go here and there. They have a lot more than I do.

She just got a check for $20,000 from SS and accepted help for Christmas from a company. She bought all the kids everything they wanted, but got free gifts from this company. They were paying to get her van fixed, but she went out and paid cash for a newer one: $10,000.

Makes me sick. I am so sick of paying for people who don’t deserve it. And the best thing is, that neither one of them got fixed, so they could pop another one out very soon! anon1360

I agree with some of the other people’s posts. The single mother with kids thing shouldn’t apply to anyone under a certain age. Even “protection” isn’t 100 percent safe.

Everyone had sex education of some sort, we all know the chances we take and consequences we may face when we choose to have sex regardless of whether you use protection or not

So if you’re still a young one (below 20 years old at least), all i can say is maybe you should have listened to your parents and teachers. You are responsible for making the bed you’re lying in. You don’t have many choices if any, at all.

But, if you’re a single mom who dosen’t fit into one of these categories or something similar to them, then why should the state and hard working taxpayers who support their families be responsible for your poor choices and supporting you through welfare? Get a job, even two or three if you have to and bust the dead beat father. Make his life a living hell until he either does his share or gives up his rights. anon1360

In response to #331 in regards to your comment: My question to you is how do you know for sure they’re on SSD. Do you go up and ask them? Do your know them personally? And secondly, i would like to ask how you know for sure or can make a determination if a person is disabled and deserves to be on SSD? Are you a medical doctor of some sort? Do you know these people lives or histories?

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