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    For every visit, short or long, a spirit to travel to every destination is a must. Having a tourist visa is like having a card to swipe whenever you want to relax and recharge your mind and soul. A good trip gives you lifetime good memories and allows you to explore new landscapes. Who wouldn’t want that? Here is why you should get a tourist visa too:-

    • To Explore new cultures
    • Visiting a family member
    • To travel and relax
    • Be ready for a University tour or travel

    This article will be your only stop to know everything about a tourist visa for Australia.

    Why Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa?

    Everywhere you look, it is surrounded by endless beaches, glaring oceans, and luscious islands. Australia is one of the best traveling destinations for people who love to relax.  Traveling through the sea and tumbling upon places like rainforests, national parks, and mighty oceans. Here are a few facts about Australia that you might not want to miss.

    • Australia has a pleasant weather throughout the year.
    • Australia has a unique and beautiful wildlife species.
    • Australia has a rich diversity of cultures.
    • Australia has a great and vibrant city life.
    • Australia is the land of delicious food and wines.

    Best Destinations to Travel in Australia

    Sydney - Australia


    Sydney is the most popular city in Australia. It is filled with unique and iconic places to visit, which are top tourist attractions. Sydney is famous for its wild nightlife and endless locations to discover for a fun outing. You must not miss locations like the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House, beautiful beaches like Bondi Beach and national parks like Royal National Park.

    Great Barrier Reef

    Australia is the most beautiful marine life destination; it has breathtaking views and is the largest coral reef system. Its beauty is so magnificent that it is considered Australia’s most popular and beautiful natural asset, surrounded by sun-kissed beaches and pretty dolphins. Popular attractions here can be scuba diving, boating, and cruise ship travelling.

    Great Barrier Reef
    Melbourne - Australia


    Melbourne is the city to travel to if you want to experience a wild city life filled with art and beautiful festivals. It is the right place to drop your money and enjoy, it is filled with cafes and bars. Melbourne hosts a bunch of spring festivals and sporting events. You can also visit the National Gallery of Victoria and the Queen Victoria market.

    Whitsunday Islands

    It is a tropical paradise, to be precise. Filled with incredible adventures, it is a cluster of islands off the Queensland coast. It is filled with beautiful beaches, white sand, and world-class luxurious places to rest in. These islands are a paradise for sailing and diving into the ocean views. You can see Heart Reef, see the water swirling, and visit The Great Harbor Reef.

    Whitsunday Islands

    Travel to Australia for a Visit and Tourism

    Travelling to Australia will be an incredible journey and experience. To help you understand your travel requirements, you need to make sure why you are even going. Here are some ideas:-

    • What will be the season? Is spring really the time? Want to enjoy festivals and food, or do you want to get there in the summer for a beach ride?
    • How long will you be gone? Is this going to be a quick visit, or are you planning to be gone for long?
    • What is your budget? Cost also varies depending upon your duration of stay. For every budget, you will find something worth your money.
    • Is there a friend or relative you want to visit? Are you traveling to meet someone? Find great places to visit around their location.
    • What environment do you want to experience? Do you want a party life, or do you want to be at peace with nature?

    Types of Visitor Visa for Australia

    A tourist visa allows the international traveler to come to the country and, spend vacations and visit family or travel anywhere. There are mainly 3 types of visas to enter Australia as a tourist. Let’s discuss:-

    Australian tourist visa

    If the only purpose of your visit is a trip to the country, this visa is for you. Apply for this visa and travel and experience the Australian vibe, explore popular places, and eat delicious food. This visa will be the right choice for your travel.

    Australian Family-sponsored visa

    If your relatives reside in Australia and your main purpose of the trip is to visit them, then this visa is for you. Those relatives should be ready to act as sponsors for your trip, which means they will be covering your traveling costs. They will be responsible for your actions in the country as they will be your guardian.

    Electronic travel authority (ETA) visa (subclass 601)

    This visa is for travelers who want to travel to Australia for up to a year and stay there for three months on each visit. You can visit a family member or travel with this.

    Visitor visa (subclass 600)

    This visa is for tourism and business travel. It is for all nationalities and can be extended from 3 months to 1 year.

    Australian tourist visa processing timeFrom 1 week to 1 month
    Australian family-sponsored visa processing timeFrom 1 to 2 months
    ETA VisaDepends on the documentation time
    Visitor VisaDepends on the documentation time
    ETA visa3 months20 AUD
    Visitor visa Up to 12 months500 AUD
    Tourist visa3 months170 AUD
    Family-sponsored visaUp to 12 months190 AUD

    Requirements to Apply for a Visitor Visa for Australia

    Sufficient funds required – You have to provide proof of having sufficient monetary funds to be accepted for the visa. This fund should be enough to cover the trip cost throughout the duration of the trip.

    No criminal records – It is required to make sure that you have no bad intentions for visiting the country. No previous or current criminal records should be attached to your name, and you have to provide a certificate of clean character to that too in regulations to the Australian laws.

    Medical records – These records are to prove that you are completely healthy and in good shape to travel to the country for the required duration of time.

    Valid passport – A passport is the proof of your nationality; it is like identity proof in countries other than yours. A valid passport is required for traveling as a tourist. It should have an expiration date well before your return from the country.

    Flight details – You must attach your flight details or tickets both ways. Your return ticket should be well before the time of visa expiration date. This is to make sure that you have a plan to return and that you are not going to stay illegally in the country.

    Invitation letter – if you have any relatives in Australia with whom you will be staying for the duration of travel. They should provide you with a letter of invitation which states that you will be with them and they will be with you in the country.

    Form 1419 (Tourist Visitor) – This application is to be filled out if one wishes to enter the country for tourism purposes. This form contains details like modes of payment for any expense for the visa, health and character certificates, passport details, and visa charges. A few conditions are also attached in this form that you have to agree on for acceptance, these are:-

    • You should not work in Australia
    • You will not study on a tourist visa
    • You will not extend your stay
    • You will not extend your stay for more than 12 months in the country.

    How to Apply for a Australia Visitor or Tourist Visa?

    Step 1 – Fill out the Australia visit visa form online and complete the application process.

    Step 2 – Submit your current picture and fingerprint.

    Step 3 – Submit all the required documents carefully.

    Step 4 – Pay all the fees.

    Step 5 – Make an appointment and submit the form accordingly.

    Step 6 – If you check all the eligibility requirements, we will get started to get you your tourist visa for Australia.

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