US Universities to Allow Indian Study-Abroad Partners to Validate TOEFL Scores

US Universities to Allow Indian Study

In this world of globalization, there is an increase in pursuing higher education abroad. For all those Indian students who dream about study in USA, the English proficiency test has always been a hurdle. However recent developments in study-abroad scenarios have introduced a promising change for simplifying this process: the validation of TOEFL scores through […]

The Duolingo English Test: A Gateway To Global Education

The Duolingo English Test

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, language proficiency assessments play a pivotal role. Among these, The Duolingo English Test (DET) strikes out as a game-changer.  The DET offers a fresh perspective on evaluating English language skills. In this, we see into the shade of the DET, its impact, and its journey through 2022. […]

The Great Migration: Indian Students Pursuing Higher Education Abroad

Indian Students Pursuing Higher Education Abroad

Introduction India has always been a center for education. It is a country with a rich cultural heritage, age-old knowledge, and varied customs. But a noteworthy trend has surfaced recently: Indian students are leaving the country in search of higher education outside. This movement, fueled by ambition and global opportunities, has both advantages and disadvantages […]

Recent Updates in Global Student Visa Norms

Recent updates in global Student Visa norms

Introduction The landscape of student visas is changing globally. Universities worldwide are witnessing a surge in the applications, leading to longer processing times. The students also have a variety of options to study abroad. So, the universities globally are ramping up and increasing their offerings to attract maximum talents. While some countries like Japan are […]

Japan Launches Digital Nomad Visa

Japan Launches Digital Nomad Visa

Reeling from a two-quarter recession and sluggish domestic demand, Japan finds itself in a tight spot. But with the launch of its Digital Nomad Visa program in March 2024, a unique solution presents itself – attracting remote professionals who can pump new life into the economy. This program isn’t just a visa; it’s a potential […]

Why Indian Students Are Looking Beyond Canada, the UK, and the US for Study Abroad

Why Indian Students Are Looking Beyond Canada

For decades, Canada and the UK have been the preferred avenue for pursuing international education. Students from all around the world have flocked to Canada, the US, and UK for higher education and these nations have welcomed them with open arms.However, the tide is changing now. Canada, the US, and the UK are not among […]

Study Engineering in the USA: Top Courses, Universities, Fees, Eligibility and Application Process

Study Engineering in the USA

Engineering is one of the most followed professional courses that students pursue. The United States is itself the hub of world-class educational institutes. With such excellence in education, top engineering universities and colleges provide students with cutting-edge opportunities. The USA has always been a popular destination for students all around the globe to pursue engineering. […]