Pre-departure Preparation at EduLaunchers

At Edulaunchers, we meet your preparation needs and your admission requirements. Our consultants provide complete admission support from profile creation to pre-departure preparation. Whether UG, MS or MBA admission, we help you target the best universities per your profile and preferences. We take you step-by-step through university shortlisting, preparing and editing your essays and SOPs, helping you with your recommendation letters, preparing you for your interview, and finally, pre-departure preparation. We also help with counseling, career planning, visa guidance, and many more value-added services to make your study abroad journey easier.

Pre-departure Guidelines Include the Following.

How do Edulaunchers consultants help students with Pre-departure Preparation?

Edulaunchers offers expert pre-departure preparation services to help students feel confident and prepared for their study abroad journey. Our team of experienced professionals can help students with everything from packing tips to cultural orientation so they can make the most of their study abroad experience. We offer personalized support and guidance to help students prepare for their journey and take their careers to the next level.

Pre-departure orientation

Universities have different requirements, and each country has its own visa and immigration compliance; our orientation will make your study abroad experience comfortable and worry-free. We take care of airport formalities like obtaining your boarding pass and immigration clearance and arrange airport pick-up upon landing at your pre-confirmed accommodation.

Our Orientation Program Helps You

Why choose Edulaunchers – Study Visa Consultant for Pre-departure Preparation?

Edulaunchers conducts pre-departure orientation sessions for our students. These sessions provide an opportunity to meet other students traveling abroad for studies. Interacting with other students going to the same country can help you sort out various aspects of going abroad, such as accommodation arrangements, local transport, buying household items, finding a part-time job, etc.

Our pre-departure guidance also includes foreign currency, debit cards, and assistance connecting our students with current students at the university where you will be studying.

Here are some more reasons for choosing Edulaunchers for Pre-departure Preparation-