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EduLaunchers is an overseas education and study consultancy. It is one of the top destinations to cater to all your study requirements. The top courses consulted at EduLaunchers are MBA, Medicine studies, and PhD. Our expert team understands the admission process and requirements to help students get a brighter future and make their journey smooth and comfortable. 

Here are a few services that EduLaunchers provides –

Why is EduLaunchers the Best Consultancy in Pune?

Pre-departure Orientation

We ensure you don’t feel confused or stressed. We provide the best pre-departure counseling and answer any queries you might face abroad. Our counseling will brief you about what conduct you must follow abroad, what cultural shock you can feel, and how to be healthy and study.

University Shortlisting

You will find many different universities when you search for yourself. But with EduLaunchers, we will guide and help you to finalize the best possible university and make sure that you benefit the most from the college, location, and study pattern. Together, we will make sure to fulfill all your requirements and get you the best university. 

Expert and Professional Team

Our team has experts in this field. The professionalism will make you feel confident to trust us. Our team is determined to make your study abroad dream come true, and making your journey is our prime motto. Undivided attention from our experts will make your process quick and better.

Proven Track Records

Our team at EduLaunchers always delivers the best results. We have a visa success rate of 98%, which has made all our students happy and satisfied with their results. We have partnered up with 300+ universities abroad in different locations, which makes getting accepted into your dream university quick and easy.

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Why Choose to Study Overseas?

  • Become Independent  – Going and studying abroad can only be done by a student who can and wants independence. You will become more responsible and have a better thought process to cope with any situation. Gain new experiences and learn from every opportunity. You will love how much you can change to improve your future. 
  • Better Education – Studying abroad opens up your doors to the world’s best education and experiences. The study curriculum and training in foreign universities make you ready for the corporate world and how you can increase your job skills and values. No doubt you will find a few of the best colleges and universities to study abroad .    
  • Add up a new language – To feel confident and comfortable in any foreign setting, you need to understand the language in which the locals are conversing. This will be full of benefits for you, like getting better opportunities and making your day-to-day life more manageable. This will be one of the extra skills that will enhance your resume and make you more suitable for local and international work opportunities. 
  • Enhance your portfolio – Consider how studying from an internationally deemed university will make your portfolio different from the others. Employers will automatically know you are intelligent, adaptable, and quick to learn different things. You will be suited for high-ranked jobs, and your work opportunities will grow immensely. 

How to Study Abroad?

  1. Frame a Plan – you have to make a plan before starting your journey. You have to be sure about questions like when you want to go abroad. It could be this year or the next year. What are your skills, and what course do you want to study? It could be a UG or a PG course. Depending upon that, your choices will vary and make your plan crisp and precise to work upon. 
  2. Start your search – You must go out and find yourself a consultancy to keep your plan well executed and under proper care. EduLaunchers is the best consultancy around you, and you know this. We will help you find out the best country for your course preferences, determine how the courses and schedules benefit you, and brush up on your skills. 
  3. Application process –  The application process may take up a little more time. Here you need to be sure of how your previous grades are helping you and how well your test scores for your admission should be. These tests can vary according to your requirements, like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, or SAT.
  4. Scholarship search – Having a scholarship is not necessary, but it is full of benefits. It will make a good impression on your skills and will help you financially. EduLaunchers has experts who are well knowledgeable about these scholarships and will assist you in finding the most suitable scholarship for you according to your skills and requirements. 
  5. Find financial aid – if you do not have sufficient funds and resources to study abroad, you do not have to end your dream for it. With our help, you can find many government and international loans that you will be able to apply for. These loans will be counted as your student loan and will benefit you to continue your journey of studying abroad journey. 

Overseas Education Services By EduLaunchers

EduLauncers provides the best guidance and counseling to help you study abroad and make your future bright. We provide a variety of services, but our most popular services are as follows: 

  • Study Visa 

A study visa or a student visa is issued to those students who have been admitted to a foreign college or university and are full-time students in regular courses. Length of your course can affect your visa length but you can always apply for visa extensions. Different countries have different visa requirements and they need to be fulfilled to qualify for a visa.  

General study visa requirements – 

  • Valid passport
  • Academic certificates
  • References from professors or ex-employers. 
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose). 
  • University acceptance letter 
  • Proof of payment of fees and visa processes. 
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds. 
  • Proof of English Proficiency. 
  • Travel Visa

A Traveller or tourist visa is an important document if you want to travel abroad for business or general trips. It provides travelers with a non-immigration status, which proves that you will be staying in the country only for a short duration and are planning to return.  You have to legally oblige to all the conditions that are set by the country and not commit any illegal activity.  

General tourist visa requirements – 

  • Visa application form (with parents’ signature in case of a minor)
  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Proof of financial resources (bank statements )
  • Passport-style photo (taken in 6 months)
  • Flight tickets (departure and return)
  • Document for a stay while you travel (e.g. hotel bookings)
  • Invitation letter (by company or relative depending upon the reason for your travel)
  • Abroad or Overseas Services We Provide – 

EduLaunchers is a deemed consultancy that provides overseas study opportunities and provides various opportunities for study like – 

✅Guidance Sessions:

We help students from the start till the end. Our counseling sessions are full of guidance and provide valuable insight to every student. These guidance sessions are personalized for every student and cater to their skills and requirements while studying abroad. We make sure that you feel stress-free and gain pre-departure insights for a comfortable journey. 

✅Approvals of Documents:

Our team works to make you stress-free. We make sure that you have all the necessary documents that will be required for your visa and application approvals, and you will not miss out on anything. We will also help you reframe your SOP, letter of recommendation, and application form to make them stand out and be well-descriptive of your skills and talents. These documents will increase your chances of getting accepted. 

✅Scholarship Identification:

Scholarships are very beneficial for a student. Financially, they help students to have fee waivers, and it also reflects that the student has certain skills or talents that might be useful for different work opportunities. At EduLaunchers, we will help you identify the best scholarship offer for you, which will enhance your study experience while abroad. 

✅Timely Visa Approval:

Visa approval is a lengthy process. Every document you submit needs to be accurate, updated, and correct. Depending on your visa type, documentation requirements can be different. With EduLancher, we will make sure your visa gets a timely approval, and all your requirements are fulfilled.  

✅Career Mapping:

Career mapping is a process where our counselors will help the student understand the broad aspect of studying abroad and make sure that the student understands what choices they must take to enhance their future opportunities. It is necessary for a clear development path, and it helps students to frame plans and objectives for themselves.  

What People Say About Us

The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. She guided me in correct direction; from my course selection to selection of universities to other […]


First, of a fall, I want to thank Sarika ma’am for the wonderful job she did. I was super confused with my SOP work, and she helped me in every way possible. She’s so accommodating that I made her rewrite and revise my statement 5-7 times and she did it with full enthusiasm. Besides writing […]


Every step of the way, right from the begining till the very end i was guided and helped by the most amazing, kind, selfless and extremely hardworking team lead by Ms. Sarika Dubey to reach my goal in getting into the colleges i dreamt of. I could’nt possibly describe how cared for and safe i […]


I am very glad to share my experience with Edulaunchers. I’m pleased to have come across Sarika ma’am for my international education process, the application process can be a very daunting process but Sarika Maam’s constant support through out my journey helped me reach my goal. She goes above and beyond for her students and […]


The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support throughout my sister’s visa application has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. Thank you for all your support.


These guys are really amazing they helped me in my whole procedure of Australia from the beginning and the counsellor are really very helpful …. thank you so much edulaunchers


After a lot of research i finally decided to visit Edulaunchers. They are incredibly responsive to any inquiries my son had for his course. Totally satisfied with the services we received.


One of the best visa consultancies in mohali..I got my visa within a month under their excellent team work.Thank you so much


We are so lucky that we reached out to Edulaunchers, the process was made so smooth by Sarika mam and her consistent help at each and every step. There were numerous options around us but the personal attention and care we got here made us confident that we will be sailing smooth…I strongly recommend Edulaunchers […]


With her expertise and constant guidance , I have been able to navigate through my I-20, DS-160 and VISA appointment process with a breeze for University of Texas at Austin. Being a resident of Amritsar, I am glad to have opted for Edulaunchers Mohali – would recommend 10/10!


From personal calls every now and then to staying up more than half a night to complete applications, prep me for a video interview, work together on multiple essays and guide me along the way, I never found myself in the need to do a single task myself. The assurance of knowing that all the […]


When we met Sarika for the first time in November 2018 as concerned parents, she made us aware about very important considerations that are crucial for selecting right career for our son based on his aptitude and temperament. With her advise she helped in removing our basic misconceptions regarding the choice of professional career. Thereafter […]


Amazing service! Very helpful! It was good to have them by my side while the application process.


I would like to thank Sarika ma’am for taking the time to speak with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my file and goals, guiding and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. You are a true example for selfless […]


Very satisfied with the services. I was associated with Sarika and she is knowledgeable about the subject and the process and experienced. She was of a great help to guide us on each and every step of the application process, selection of colleges, suggested alternatives at every stage and more importantly was approachable for us […]


I had an excellent experience Sarika ma’am helped alot The process was very smooth I highly recommend them


The team is very supporting & guides the candidates to best course suiting his aptitude . The experience was very fruitful.


I filed my student visa through Edulaunchers a couple of months back. The process has been really smooth and transparent under guidance of Sarika mam and Megha mam at the Mohali office. I am satisfied with their services and do recommend to others as well.


The decision of studying abroad is always a big one, and finding the correct mentor is nothing less than a miracle. Sarika and team was always available and her vast knowledge and experience helped me complete my process very smoothly. The best part was the whole process was very personalized, regarding the University selection, courses, […]


My experience with the lead counsellor – Sarika, has been amazing. She helped me with the applications, preparing for the VI, and what follows very religiously. On time calls for mocks, help on everything ranging from University selection across the globe to help on housing and travel after visa. Would 100% recommend!!


Recently Asked Question

Anyone, any student who wants to explore the option of studying abroad and studying there can take up the option of studying abroad. Different countries and universities have different requirements. But, general requirements that are usually common for every university or college are good GPA and English proficiency. 

Definitely, language is everyone’s major concern. Getting a valid score on English Proficiency tests like IELTS or PTE is essential to make sure that you will be able to understand the lectures and will not have so much trouble while conversing inside or outside the campus. With practice and time, your skills will be polished.

Visa processing time for every country is different. It depends upon the completeness and accuracy of your documents, the number of people applying for the same visa, and the capacity of the country to allow an international crowd. If you have everything set and correct, your visa will be processed within a general period of 1 – 3 months.

The cost to study abroad varies from country to country and course to course. Except for the tuition fee, you will also have to incur the cost of living. Cost of living varies according to the spending habits and requirements of the student. E.g., if you want to study in Canada. Your costs will range from INR 20 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs per annum. if you want to study in America, your costs will range from INR 40 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs per annum. For further details, you can contact Edulaunchers and get your queries answered.

Yes, you are allowed to work while you study abroad in certain countries. Opportunities may vary according to your country, but if you are a full-time student, you can work up to 20 hours per week during working semesters. If you have a semester break, you can work up to your choice. You can apply for on-campus or off-campus job opportunities according to your preferences and skills.