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Edulaunchers is one of India’s leading student visa consultants, as we provide customized student visa processing services for any country. With our 500+ colleges and universities list, you can choose where to pursue your preferred course. Our Experts will guide the students to the best course according to their aptitude and interest. We ensure the complete resolution of all their queries regarding the admission and visa process.

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Complete Study Visa Process by Edulaunchers

Students who wish to study in top universities internationally must apply for a study visa. Checking the overall processing time is highly recommended, as processing a paper application takes a lot of time. Students can easily take guidance from the best Study Visa Consultants – Edulaunchers, for hassle-free guidance. 

Here is the study visa process for international students:

Understand the requirements

First, you need to understand the requirements of different colleges and universities and the courses they offer.

Select your course and institute

Before selecting an institute for higher education, it must be checked whether it is a designated educational institution.

Language proficiency test

To obtain a study visa, international students must prove their proficiency in the English language.

Apply to university/college.

You must apply to a DLI-registered university or college, obtain their application pack or brochure, and submit it in advance.

Apply for study permit

Once your documentation is complete, you can apply for a study visa with the best study visa consultants like Edulaunchers.

Apply Online for Study Visa

You must have a credit card for payment and access to a scanner or camera to produce electronic copies of your documents to apply online.

In-person Application Process

Firstly read the application kit and complete the instruction guide to know how to apply in person.

Pay all processing fees

Students must pay the visa filing fee and the full embassy fee to complete the application process.

Why is EdulLaunchers One of the Best Student Visa Consultants in India?

Getting a visa for the country you want to study in is no easy task. Why do we say this? Because each country decides the intake of students based on different criteria? All these criteria must be matched to get the visa successfully. Thus we advise you to take help from our professional immigration consultants as soon as you collect the money after getting the acceptance letter from the foreign institute.

We don’t just boast about our services. We are the best consultancy services as we can provide our clients with the in-depth information required for successful visa processes. Study Visa services at Edulaunchers include:

  • Complete guidance on student visa procedures
  • Visa Application and Supporting Document Verification
  • Visa Interview Training & Mock Interview Practice

Not only this, but we have a pool of country-specific counsellors who would be able to guide students from A to Z on going abroad for education. 

So what are you waiting for? Edulaunchers is waiting to assist you!