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    Cyprus is a country in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful landscapes and delicious food and wines. But this country offers a high-quality education, too. The Department of Higher Education in Cyprus has a council to ensure top education quality for students from around the globe. Not only does this country have a hospitable and rich cultural background, but it is also renowned for excellent academic facilities and educational standards.

    Why Study in Cyprus?

    Cyprus is an ideal destination for a student who enjoys beautiful landscapes and Island locations. Despite of its small size, this country offers high-quality education and fine hospitality to international students. The tuition fee in Cyprus is quite reasonable compared to other countries.

    • High-quality education
    • Safe learning space
    • Beautiful landscape
    • Hospitable environment
    • Quality living space

    Quick Facts About Cyprus

    Requirements for Students Applying to Cyprus

    To be eligible to study in Cyprus, you must meet the following criteria:

    • A recognized bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized institute is required.
    • English language proficiency proof with tests like IELTS or TOEFL, these tests are to check the spoken and written English of the candidate and reasoning skills of the candidate applying.  
    • A high school degree with relevant courses with your course is required.

    Study Options

    Minimum Educational Requirement

    Minimum Required Percentage



    12 years of education (10+2)


    Overall, 6.0 band

    Masters (MS/MBA)

    3/4 years graduate degree.


    Overall, 6.5 band

    Benefits of Studying in Cyprus

    In Cyprus education is advanced. Students from all countries are interested in attending courses in Cyprus. Here living and academic costs are affordable.

    • High-class education
    • Quality education
    • Cost affordable
    • Growth opportunities
    • Scholarships
    • Beautiful environment and landscape

    Higher Study Options


    Part-time work duration allowed

    Post-study work permit

    Can departments work full-time?


    20 Hours per week

    2 months


    Masters (MS/MBA)

    20 Hours per week

    2 months


    Steps to Start Studying in Cyprus

    Steps to Study Abroad in Cyprus

    Cost of Studying in Cyprus

    University Fees depend upon the study program you choose. The table below gives information about the course and average tuition fees.

    Study program

    Annual fees (Euro)

    Undergraduate Program

    3,500 – 8,000

    Post-graduate/master’s program

    5,000 – 10,000

    Doctoral Degree

    3,000 – 5,000

    Higher Study Options

    Average Tuition Fee per Year (Euros)

    Visa Fee (Euros)

    Living Expenses for 1 Year (Euros)


    3,500 and Above

    60 – 80

    700 (approximately)


    Upcoming Intakes in Cyprus

    Universities and colleges in Cyprus offer 2 intakes. We recommend applying well in advance, as admissions and scholarships become more competitive as the deadline approaches. It is advisable to submit your application 6 to 8 months before the commencement of the academic session for better chances of success.

    Intake 1

    Intake 2

    September – January

    February – June

    Study Options


    Intake Months

    Deadline to Apply


    3-4 Years

    September and February

    6-8 months before the start of an academic session


    2 Years

    September and February


    Popular Universities in Cyprus

    University of Nicosia

    University of Nicosia

    Cyprus University of Technology

    Cyprus University of Technology

    University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Pyla

    University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Pyla

    European University Cyprus

    European University Cyprus 

    Neapolis University Pafos

    Neapolis University Pafos

    Frederick University is a private university

    Frederick University is a private university

    Cyprus International University

    Cyprus International University

    Cyprus Social Sciences University

    Cyprus Social Sciences University

    Eastern Mediterranean University

    Eastern Mediterranean University 

    University of Kyrenia

    University of Kyrenia

    Top 5 Universities in Cyprus 2024

    Global rank



    University of Cyprus

    401 – 501

    Dogu Akdeniz Üniversitesi

    501 – 601

    University of Nicosia


    Yakin Dogu Üniversitesi


    Cyprus University of Technology

    Top Courses to Study in Cyprus

    Courses to Study in Cyprus

    Scholarships Provided to Students

    Scholarship name

    Amount per year (CYP)

    Cyprus Excellence Scholarship


    Cyprus International Student Grant


     Cyprus Research Fellowship


    Cyprus Cultural Ambassador Grant


    Cyprus Sports Scholarship


    The Cyprus Universities/Colleges scholarship amounts and programs are subject to change, so it’s important to check the individual websites for the most recent details. Indian students should also confirm the requirements for eligibility and the application process.

    Types of Cyprus Student Visa

    • Cyprus provides a short-stay visa if your course is shorter than 90 days and charges for a visa vary according to your stay. Short stay visa costs around 20 Euros.
    • Long stay visa is usually for 1-5 years and can cost up to 60 Euros.
    • A visa extension can also be done for 30 Euros.
    • If you want a visa on approval it will cost around 20 Euros.

    Cyprus Student Visa Requirements

    Cyprus Student Visa Requirements

    Acceptance letter: The University in which the applicant has been selected provides a document called a Letter of Acceptance to the applicant. This document provides all the necessary details about the courses and time schedules of the courses in which the applicant has been selected.

    Academic qualification: Applicant should be having all educational reports that he/she has cleared. For graduation one must have a high school result or diploma, for post-graduation one must have a valid graduation degree.

    Fee payment receipts: As proof of no dues left fee payment receipts are necessary to keep your application process faster and easier. This also proves that you have no leftover dues on the university hence you will be accepted easily.

    Medical insurance policy: The Country wants the applicant to have easy and good access to healthcare benefits and wants only a reasonable price is be paid by the international applicant. Therefore medical insurance helps the person to be able to use the country’s benefits easily.

    Passport: Your passport is your identification and confirms your nationality. Availability of a valid passport with an expiry date away for almost 6 months is required.

    Proof of funds: Demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to support your living standards and tuition fees is really important to ensure that you can study properly.

    How to Apply for a Cyprus Student Visa?

    Step 1: First, find out if you qualify for a student visa to Cyprus.

    Step 2: Set up the document checklist.

    Step 3: Obtain a visa online.

    Step 4: Await the result.

    Step 5: Take a flight to Cyprus to further your studies.

    Visa Processing Time

    Processing Time for Cyprus is around 1 month. It is much less than other European nations. This time is only an estimate, it depends on the clearance and availability of the documents that you will provide to the embassy. To be on the safer side you should apply for a visa a few months before your course commencement to get a relaxed traveling experience.

    How Can EduLunchers Help You to Study in Cyprus?

    At EduLaunchers, we have a team of highly experienced advisors who will help you study in Cyprus. We will guide you through the requirements and all the lengthy processes of visa approvals and living adjustments. We can also help you choose the right course and college for your future benefits. All the assistance and documentation will be handled by us so that you have a hassle free experience of departing to your new university.

    Recently Graduated Students

    Recently Asked Question

    As Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Africa, Asia, and Europe it has experienced many different cultures through time. Cyprus is an ideal place for students to study because it has a deep culture that embraces diversity, a rich history, favorable weather, various universities that offer English-taught programs, and a relatively low cost of living. Cyprus is also becoming a center of education in the region with the help of investments from large international organizations.

    To study in Cyprus, an international student in graduate program can expect to pay around 3,400 to 6,800 euros per annum. For post graduate programs, the cost is higher at 9,000 to 10,000 Euros per annum and for doctorate courses, a student can expect to pay around 7,000 to 9,500 euros.

    In Cyprus, a study gap of around 10 years is acceptable, however, it might change based on the university and the kind of program you apply for.

    Additionally, a student up to age 35 can easily apply for Cyprus universities.

    After finishing studies, a student can apply for Permanent residency through filling out the PR form. The form is accompanied by proof of residence, stable income, no criminal record etc.

    The other way to stay in the country after finishing the studies is by applying for Pink slip. Pink slip is temporary residence permission for any foreigner. 

    To study in Cyprus, the first step is to apply for the course and university of your choice. Interested candidates have to fill out the admission form.

    After the admission form is accepted, the student must apply for study visa.

    As per the data cited by the ministry of external affairs in 2022, there are around 1961 Indian students studying in Cyprus

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