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Edulaunchers is a well-established abroad study counselling enterprise. At EduLaunchers, we value the trust and time investment of every student who wishes to study overseas.  

We provide students with a reliable and hassle-free experience and make their study abroad aspirations come true. Our services and guidance are specially tailored for every individual student differently, including every requirement they need.

 At EduLaunchers, we have expertise in –

Why Do Students Trust EduLaunchers?

Tracking of Application Processes

At EduLaunchers, we understand every student’s constant worries about the movement of their processes. We have a comprehensive support system to cater to this stressful waiting period for applicants. We provide regular updates on each candidate’s progress and help them track and check these processes every step of the way. 

Expert Time Management

Getting a visa while completing all the documentation is a hectic process. But at EduLaunchers, we have a specialised and professional team with expertise in time management and scheduling. Personal assistance will be provided individually to be ready well before time so that we don’t miss any significant opportunity for your career.

A Professional Team

At EduLaunchers, our team is only one of the best and handpicked experts. Our counsellors always provide the most valuable and genuine guidance to solve every problem related to studying abroad. We provide the most reliable and personalized one-on-one counselling and provide the best possible advice only for you

Proven Track Record of Success

EduLaunchers has helped numerous students achieve their goal of studying abroad. We have a visa success rate of 98% and are partnered up with 300+ foreign universities and colleges. We provide students with complete satisfaction with their courses and colleges.  Our most requested countries are Canada, Australia, the UK, and the US.

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Why Study Abroad?

Who does not want to explore and go across their boundaries? Meeting with new people, creating valuable connections, and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. Getting the education from the best universities ever. These are a few more than enough reasons to go ahead and plan a study abroad. It is, for sure, a one-time opportunity for many, and all of this is worth a try by everyone who can. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should study abroad.

Career development – Foreign degrees are globally recognized and are well respected in the market. This makes them valuable and opens up a wider pool of student work opportunities. With extensive networks and significant demand for talent, all companies, nationally or internationally, want to hire international talent and a creative and hardworking candidate, just someone like you!

Individual development – Good exposure is a valuable asset in itself.  You will develop the mindset of a successful person while you study and work among them. Creative thinking and thinking out of the box will automatically be your traits and will make you more informed decisions for your successful future. Who would not want to become a better version of themselves?  

Travelling the world – Travelling is a combined aspect of studying abroad. Trying out new and attractive cuisines and cultures while exploring the most beautiful landscapes and architecture.  You should not stop yourself when it comes to exploring the lands. Do not limit yourself to studying and start gaining new experiences. Keeping your health and mind fit will be very important, and who knows, you might end up achieving something above your expectations.  

How to Study Abroad or Overseas?

At EduLaunchers, we will help you understand every formality and documentation required to study abroad. Your queries will be solved, and guidance will be provided at every step of your study abroad journey. EduLaunchers is a platform of trust and co-ordination. We require you to trust us and, together well keep your overseas journey stress-free and smooth. 

Let us look at some of the most important aspects of studying abroad – 

👉🏾Explore Your Options – Every country is not just limited to its few top universities and colleges. In-depth research is very important to find the best university or college that suits your requirements the most and utilizes your talents nicely while sharpening your skills.  Keeping your aims and choices in mind, together we will find the most interesting courses and colleges for you. 

👉🏾Budget – Every student has a different budget and expense level when considering studying abroad. Money does play a significant role while studying abroad.  To find the best location and college for you, you must have a realistic monetary bracket that will cater to your tuition fees and living expenses separately. Being realistic is vital while creating a budget that won’t affect your future situations.

👉🏾Visa – DIfferent countries have different visa requirements and processing times. You need to select and identify a location for your plans, and it should be done well before time (5-6 months before admissions). The visa application takes time to process and get selected. So, it is essential to file for a visa beforehand so it arrives well before your departure time.

👉🏾Applying for universities – Depending on the country and the university, there are different annual intake months (twice or thrice a year). Applying for the desired university should be done right before time, and application forms should be ready for that. There is a bunch of documentation that needs to be filed and tested beforehand so that your application gets processed quickly and smoothly. 

👉🏾Book your tickets – You should be ready with your departure and return tickets (required for certain country visas) in hand. Finding accommodation and housing units should be done before you arrive in the country. This is to save you from confusion after arriving in the country. Pack essentials and enjoy your new experiences waiting for you ahead. 

Our Services

EduLaunchers is a well-established and certified consultancy service for studies abroad. There are a variety of services provided by EduLaunchers. Some of these services are as follows:

1. Travel Visa –

For every wanderlust, a travel visa or a tourist visa is a must. A tourist visa allows the traveller permission status to stay in the country for a limited duration of time. This visa proves that the traveller is legally in the country and has legal rights to visit particular places. Every country has its regulations for tourists, and a tourist visa makes sure that travellers abide by them. There are different types of travel visas, depending on the duration of your stay and the cost you can incur for a visa. EduLaunchers will help you get the perfect travel visa and assist with all the documentation necessary.

2. Student Visa –

A student visa is the most essential document you will need to study abroad. These visas are proof of your non-immigrant status and ensure that you are in the country for study purposes, and you’ll leave once your study is completed. By that time, you will abide by that country’s regulations and stay in the country to attend a college or a university. EduLaunchers provides you with all the guidance and support you need to apply for a student visa for your desired location. With Edulaunchers, you will be able to explore 14 countries and a bunch of different types of student visas to match your requirements. All the essential documentation will be handled by the expert team present at EduLaunchers.

3. Study Abroad or Overseas Services We Provide – 

At EduLaunchers, there are numerous abroad study and travelling processes that are done, and clients are helped in various ways. These processes are as follows –

Free Study Abroad Counselling:

Our career advisors help students choose the most suitable colleges and courses. Our assistance is provided at every step, from application submissions to getting admission to colleges and attending classes. We help you make the best decisions to excel in your career in your desired country. 

Admission Assistance:

Your application submitted to the foreign university must be very impressive. Our experts at EduLaunchers will help you draft the best letter or application, Statement Of Purpose, and resume that will showcase your talents and express your keen desire to study abroad at your university or college. With such an impressive document, the chances of your selection will become better than the rest. 

Visa Processing:

The visa application takes time to process and get selected. So, as an expert study abroad consultant, we can assist you in getting your visa clearance in no time. Different countries have different visa requirements and processing times. You need to select and identify a location for your plans. 

Career Mapping and Planning:

We solve each of your queries while helping you through the process. We ensure that we’ll guide you to choose the best career path. We scan your profile and preferences to assist you with your course and college selections. We have professionals who will be able to provide you with the most suitable guidance and assistance

Scholarship Identification:

We help identify the best available scholarship options in various universities overseas so that you can comfortably finance your study program. We have a highly efficient and knowledgeable team here. We will easily identify a scholarship that will suit your needs just right. Proper guidance and support will also be provided to you so that you don’t miss the chance anytime.

What People Say About Us

The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. She guided me in correct direction; from my course selection to selection of universities to other […]


First, of a fall, I want to thank Sarika ma’am for the wonderful job she did. I was super confused with my SOP work, and she helped me in every way possible. She’s so accommodating that I made her rewrite and revise my statement 5-7 times and she did it with full enthusiasm. Besides writing […]


Every step of the way, right from the begining till the very end i was guided and helped by the most amazing, kind, selfless and extremely hardworking team lead by Ms. Sarika Dubey to reach my goal in getting into the colleges i dreamt of. I could’nt possibly describe how cared for and safe i […]


I am very glad to share my experience with Edulaunchers. I’m pleased to have come across Sarika ma’am for my international education process, the application process can be a very daunting process but Sarika Maam’s constant support through out my journey helped me reach my goal. She goes above and beyond for her students and […]


The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support throughout my sister’s visa application has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. Thank you for all your support.


These guys are really amazing they helped me in my whole procedure of Australia from the beginning and the counsellor are really very helpful …. thank you so much edulaunchers


After a lot of research i finally decided to visit Edulaunchers. They are incredibly responsive to any inquiries my son had for his course. Totally satisfied with the services we received.


One of the best visa consultancies in mohali..I got my visa within a month under their excellent team work.Thank you so much


We are so lucky that we reached out to Edulaunchers, the process was made so smooth by Sarika mam and her consistent help at each and every step. There were numerous options around us but the personal attention and care we got here made us confident that we will be sailing smooth…I strongly recommend Edulaunchers […]


With her expertise and constant guidance , I have been able to navigate through my I-20, DS-160 and VISA appointment process with a breeze for University of Texas at Austin. Being a resident of Amritsar, I am glad to have opted for Edulaunchers Mohali – would recommend 10/10!


From personal calls every now and then to staying up more than half a night to complete applications, prep me for a video interview, work together on multiple essays and guide me along the way, I never found myself in the need to do a single task myself. The assurance of knowing that all the […]


When we met Sarika for the first time in November 2018 as concerned parents, she made us aware about very important considerations that are crucial for selecting right career for our son based on his aptitude and temperament. With her advise she helped in removing our basic misconceptions regarding the choice of professional career. Thereafter […]


Amazing service! Very helpful! It was good to have them by my side while the application process.


I would like to thank Sarika ma’am for taking the time to speak with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my file and goals, guiding and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. You are a true example for selfless […]


Very satisfied with the services. I was associated with Sarika and she is knowledgeable about the subject and the process and experienced. She was of a great help to guide us on each and every step of the application process, selection of colleges, suggested alternatives at every stage and more importantly was approachable for us […]


I had an excellent experience Sarika ma’am helped alot The process was very smooth I highly recommend them


The team is very supporting & guides the candidates to best course suiting his aptitude . The experience was very fruitful.


I filed my student visa through Edulaunchers a couple of months back. The process has been really smooth and transparent under guidance of Sarika mam and Megha mam at the Mohali office. I am satisfied with their services and do recommend to others as well.


The decision of studying abroad is always a big one, and finding the correct mentor is nothing less than a miracle. Sarika and team was always available and her vast knowledge and experience helped me complete my process very smoothly. The best part was the whole process was very personalized, regarding the University selection, courses, […]


My experience with the lead counsellor – Sarika, has been amazing. She helped me with the applications, preparing for the VI, and what follows very religiously. On time calls for mocks, help on everything ranging from University selection across the globe to help on housing and travel after visa. Would 100% recommend!!



Recently Asked Question

Every foreign country has a different format of education and different rules and regulations. Studying abroad is not very hard, but adjusting to the foreign environment is a bit of an uncomfortable situation. With EduLaunchers, we try to make your journey as comfortable as we can, and you have to adjust to a new environment and teaching methods.

Every country has its best and most valuable institutions. You need to find yourself the most interesting and recognised course for studying. A few of the most preferred countries by the international crowd due to its warm and welcoming crowd are The UK, The USA, Canada, Australia and Germany. There are more choices then these countries depending upon your requirements and demands.

The budget of any country is not the same. Depending upon the country, degree, city, and its expenses the budget varies accordingly. You will find a few scholarships to help you reduce the burden a bit, but living costs too make up for a huge expense. For example, if you want to study and complete your Bachelor’s in Toronto you will need around CAD 45,000 just for tuition fee and your living cost will be around an average of CAD 10,000 – 15,000 annually.

A study consultancy like EduLaunchers can help to tremendously to study and achieve your dreams outside of the country. We can be very beneficial to students in the following ways: 

  1. EduLaunchers can help you choose the best-suited location and course for you. 
  2. EduLaunchers can help you get selected for your dream colleges in many countries. 
  3. EduLaunchers will help you to maintain your budget and get scholarships to study abroad.

A statement of purpose is generally termed an SOP. This is a letter of intent and is written by the individual explaining the reasons for his/her travel to the country. All details should be mentioned because a good SOP explains the future goals of the traveller. It should be clear and concise to make the university understand your zeal to study there.

The following is a list of the essential documents needed when applying to a foreign college or university:

  • Educational Transcripts. 
  • Academic references.
  • Employer references.
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • An acceptance letter from your educational institution.
  • Proof of payment.
  • Proof of financial funds.
  • Proof of English Proficiency.