Career Mapping and Planning at EduLaunchers

Career planning is an essential part of achieving your professional goals. At Edulaunchers, we offer expert career counselling services to help you identify your strengths and interests and chart a path towards success. Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through selecting the right courses, applying for visas, and securing admission to top institutions worldwide. With our expert guidance and support, you can take your career to the next level and achieve your dreams of studying abroad.

Services Offered at EduLaunchers

Our career counselling services may include the following:

University Selection

Students pursuing Diploma, Graduation, Post-Graduation or PhD want to do quality study abroad; they should choose globally recognized universities that provide an excellent education. At EduLaunchers, we help students select the right university or college.

Admission processing

At EduLaunchers, we assist our students in filling out admission forms, preparing financial statements and documents, and applying for visas. EduLaunchers counsellors assist students at every step of the way to successfully fulfil their dream of studying abroad.

Visa Processing

Visa processing and a visa interview are essential for a successful departure to a foreign university. The Visa team at EduLaunchers is always updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists. At EduLaunchers, we have a large database of possible visa interview questions for student profiles.

Key Benefits of Associating with EduLaunchers as your Career Counselor

  • Find the best university and college according to your profile.
  • Know the possible career paths and aspects of future jobs.
  • Get the best possible scholarships from various universities.
  • Financial projections to assess entry, stay and visa eligibility
  • Training for Test and Interview
  • Receive assistance after landing in the destination country and city.

How EduLaunchers Helps You in Planning Your Career?

Applying for a student visa is a hectic task. It involves filling up multiple forms, arranging documents appropriately, documenting information related to previous qualifications, submitting fees, preparing a compelling statement of purpose and providing the proper documents at the right time to the embassy. Not just this, choosing the right destination, course, and accommodation can also be a hectic task as it requires in-depth knowledge about the country you are planning to visit. Therefore, since we have years of experience, we provide services as follows:

  • Free consultation includes understanding the students’ needs, selecting the right institute, right course, right location, understanding the students’ financial capability and suggesting the most suitable option.
  • After suggesting the best options, we assist the students in the admission process, which includes applying for an offer letter by providing correct educational and experience documents, a letter of recommendation, a statement of purpose and much more.
  • During this process, we also assist our students with scholarship applications so that they can reduce the financial burden of studying abroad.
  • After going through the admission process, we assist in applying for a study permit and help obtain a visa as soon as possible.
  • Our excellent services include pre-departure and post-landing assistance, ensuring every student’s need is cared for before or after going abroad.

Why Choose EduLaunchers - Study Visa Consultant for Career Planning?

We firmly believe that education is limitless and that every student can succeed. Each counsellor on our team works with this belief. We aim to identify a candidate’s potential and bring out the best in them. One must be well-equipped with all the necessary information before embarking on a journey. Right from deciding the destination to applying for a suitable university, the candidate can avail of all assistance from our experts. We ensure that we pave the way for the success of the students.

So start your overseas education journey with our industry leaders with just one click.