New Zealand Tourist Visa

    Want to travel to another country? Tourist visas can be your escape route. People who want to explore and love to travel sign up for a visit visa or a tourist visa. A little relaxation time and experiencing new wonders is what you can be missing. New places help us to get a new perspective on living so let us dive deep into the depth of travelling. A tourist visa can be used for various activities like:-

    • Creating unforgettable memories.
    • Trying new cultures and landscapes
    • Have a great vacation in places that you like.
    • Meeting your loved ones who live in another nation.
    • Relaxing and getting back into your creative mode.

    Why Apply for an New Zealand Tourist Visa?

    New Zealand is called “the Land of the long white clouds”, where you’ll find so much to enjoy. The rich cultural history and fascinating flora and fauna of this country make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you like movies, you will love the epic film sets of a few legendary movies here. Here are some more fun facts about New Zealand. New Zealand is filled with breathtaking scenery.

    • New Zealand has 2 official languages, Maori and English.
    • The food and wine here are all amazing.
    • New Zealand has many adventurous activities for visitors
    • You’ll experience amazing night skies in New Zealand.
    • New Zealand is best to explore great wildlife.

    Best Destinations to Travel in New Zealand



    If you love to have adventurous traveling, Queenstown is the right spot for you. It is full of activities that will bring you energy and excitement. A few activities you can enjoy here are water rafting, boating, bungee jumping, and paragliding. You can also find plenty of hiking routes here, leading you to amazing landscapes between huge mountains to admire.

    Milford Sound

    It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand.  Here in this fiord you will find beautiful waterfalls during rainy days. It is also home to various aquatic mammals where you will see dolphins, seals and whales. You can enjoy a few water sports like canoeing and boating here. The north side of the fiord has an underwater observatory to explore, too.

    Milford Sound

    Tongariro National Park

    This spot is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a place with the most active volcanoes, including Mount Tongariro. This national park is the oldest in New Zealand. It is home to the world’s best one-day hike spot that is Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Tongariro Mountain holds great historical value to the Maori people. You can enjoy activities like camping and hiking here, with cold-season snowboarding and skiing.

    Hobbiton Movie Set

    This destination is for those who love films like “The Hobbit” and “the lord of the Rings”. The spectacular backgrounds and sets of these movies are still intact in this area. New Zealand has been known as “Middle Earth” after these superhits were shot here.

    Hobbiton Movie Set


    Rotorua has 17 lakes, and due to its geothermal activities, it is a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists. This place is home to hot mud pools, natural geysers and hot springs. Activities like fishing, biking, swimming and boating are popular in summer for visitors. Spas and resorts are the main tourist attractions here. But you will also find good museums and research centres here.

    Travel to New Zealand for a Visit and Tourism

    Travelling to New Zealand will be an incredible journey and experience. To help you understand your travel requirements, you need to know why you are even going. Here are some ideas: 

    • What is the main attraction that you want to visit first?
    • Do you want to experience a tour of natural destinations, or are you interested in visiting popular city life?
    • How long of a vacation you are planning this to be?
    • Are you visiting alone or with your family?
    • Do you have any relatives or any friends you want to visit who live in the country you are visiting?
    • What budget have you set for this whole trip?

    Types of Visitor Visa for New Zealand

    A tourist visa allows the international traveler to come to the country, spend vacations, visit family, or travel anywhere. There is mainly a single type of visa to enter New Zealand as a tourist. This is a visitor visa. The visa details will be as follows:

    Visitor Visa: with a visitor visa, you can stay in New Zealand for about 6 months as a visitor, and you get multiple entries for 6 months. If you want to stay up to 9 months, you will be allowed only a single entry. With a visitor visa, you can not work in the country, but you can stay and study any course that ends in 3 months.  

    With this visa, you can do the following activities:

    • Spend time with loved ones and visit them.
    • Study up to 3 months
    • Travel in the country

    Processing time for visitor visa

    4-5 weeks

    Visa type

    Stay Duration at once 

    Cost (NZD $) 

    Visitor Visa

    6 months (multiple entry)

    9 months (single entry)


    Requirements to Apply for a Visitor Visa for New Zealand

    • Identity proof– Your passport provides your personal details, and it is your primary identity proof. It acts as your identity and confirms your nationality in any foreign country. Your passport must be valid 6 months before travel and have at least three blank pages at the end. 
    • details of funds – You must provide details and proof of funds that will be used during your travel in advance. These funds should be enough to support your whole travel and living expenditures. This is to ensure you have money to travel in the country.
    • Insurance coverage – You must have health and medical insurance to enter the country. This is to make sure that you will be able to take advantage of country healthcare services at a reasonable price if and when required. 
    • Character certificate – you must provide a valid character certificate that shows that you don’t have any criminal records to your name and you are a god citizen of your country. 
    • Flight tickets – Your plane tickets for arrival and departure from the country should also be present in the documents. The arrival ticket will confirm that you are coming into the country, while your return ticket is proof that you have intentions of returning to your country and you do not stay in New Zealand illegally.

    How to Apply for a New Zealand Visitor or Tourist Visa?

    Step 1 – Fill out the New Zealand visit visa form online and complete the application process.

    Step 2 – Submit your current picture and fingerprint.

    Step 3 – Submit all the required documents carefully.

    Step 4 – Pay all the fees.

    Step 5 – Make an appointment and submit the form accordingly.

    Step 6 – If you check all the eligibility requirements, we will get started to get you your tourist visa for New Zealand.

    How EduLaunchers Will Help You?

    EduLaunchers provides its clients with every assistance required to make their trip hassle-free and comfortable. Every help will be provided from documentation to your departure from the country. The problematic processes of visa approval and clearing the documentation process will be made more accessible. Get in contact with us to get your visas at the earliest.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    New Zealand provides more than 25 visa types for any visit. If you are an international tourist going to New Zealand for a travel tour, you should apply for a visitor visa. If your tour is related to a business, you should apply for a business visa or investor visa.

    Various documents are required to complete your NZ visa. These are as follows:

    • Character certificate
    • Health and medical insurance
    • Tickets for entry and exit from the country
    • Enough funds for the travel and expenses in the country
    • Passport
    • A photo

    We suggest you book your visas and tickets ahead of time. The peak season for tourists is from October to April. In these months, you are recommended to book a few weeks earlier to have availability for any activity and plans.

    Need guidance? Let us help you.