One on One Customized Counselling

At Edulaunchers, we understand that not every student has the same preferences. That’s why we provide personalized counselling sessions and listen and cater to your needs. Our guidance is based on the requirements you offer and want. Our one-on-one sessions aim to satisfy your plans and let you dream out of the box because we […]

Career Mapping and Planning

At Edulaunchers, we solve each of your queries while helping you through the process. We know there will be a lot of questions in your mind before taking a step so big. Don’t worry! We have the best solutions for you. We ensure that we’ll guide you to choose the best career path. We scan […]

Time Management

At EduLaunchers, our prime specialty is time efficiency. We understand the value of every minute while processing decisions related to studying abroad. Our team has all the information, and we work well before time to help you through assistance and documentation guidance. Furthermore, EduLaunchers makes sure that we make the most value out of your […]

Scholarship Mapping and Applications

Want to study abroad but looking for a scholarship? Students think that getting a scholarship to study abroad is a complicated process. But not with EduLaunchers! We have a highly efficient and knowledgeable team here. We will easily identify a scholarship that will suit your needs just right. Proper guidance and support will also be […]

University search India/Abroad

Want help to select a university to study in abroad? At EduLaunchers, we have excellent Education consultants. Get our assistance and find what works for you. Our consultants will scan your profile and help you find the perfect program that will increase the value of your education and fit you like a glove. With our […]

Progress Tracking and Support

At EduLaunchers, we provide assistance to track your step-by-step application progress constantly and support your requirements to study abroad. We assist you in monitoring your visa applications and give you proper and correct updates on the progress of your application. We ensure that all necessary support will be provided to you to make sure your […]