Every step of the way, right from the begining till the very end i was guided and helped by the most amazing, kind, selfless and extremely hardworking team lead by Ms. Sarika Dubey to reach my goal in getting into the colleges i dreamt of. I could’nt possibly describe how cared for and safe i felt under them, knowing that all the right decisions made were backed by their vast experience and authenticity. Sarika aunty was my backbone for this past year, she researches eveything you’ll ever need to know and leaves no stone unturned. I would not have ever known my options for the choice of colleges without her. Aunty sarika gives her all and its extremely worth every second. The hours she puts in leaves me flabbergasted. I’m forever indebted to you and your awesome team, you showed me paths i didnt realise i cud tred. THANK YOU from the bottom of my soul.
Forever. Aarav