If a student wants to pursue studies abroad, Academic transcripts are the most important documents required for educational verifications. Students collect various report cards from their schools to their colleges and universities. Instead of multiple report cards from every institute, each educational institution provides a single academic transcript. This document mentions all the subjects taken and all grades received by the student during their time in the institute. Each institute offers specific transcripts summarizing every detail of the student’s courses, grades, and achievements. 

Key Components of an Academic Transcript 

Academic transcripts are an important supporting document if any student wants to study abroad and have important details as follows:

Importance of Academic Transcript 

Besides helping students get their official documents and track their educational progress, academic transcripts are important for applying for scholarships and internships. In the job market, employers often request transcripts to verify the details and evaluate the educational background. Detailed academic transcripts help the student to apply to various universities in their own country or abroad and choose a variety of programs. These also help the student to make informed decisions about their academic paths, avail various scholarships based on their results, and stay guided on the best courses. 

How to Apply for Academic Transcript? 

Students can request academic transcripts after they have completed their studies at their respective institutes and they have had their final results. Here are the steps that you can follow to get your academic transcripts:

Step 1 – Fill out a transcript request form at your institute along with all required documents. 

Step 2 – Pay transcript fee (If applicable)

Step 3 – Submit the form 

The application for the transcript form is processed fast and it may take 1- 4 weeks to get your academic transcript certificate. There are no specific documents that might be required with the application form but here is a list of a few general documents that you might need:

• Proof of payment

• Marksheet and degree (copies)

• Photo ID from the institute (Copy)

Transcript Request Form Letter Format 

[Student Name]

[Recipient’s Name]
Dear Mr. /Ms. [Recipient’s name],
I hope this mail finds you well, I was a student of your institute [name] from [academic year]. I had excellent learning and had an expert education at the institute. I am writing this mail to request my academic transcript, which I need to submit for my further education in [name of institute and address]. Below are my details from this institute:
Full Name: 
Student ID Number: 
Admission Year: 
Date of Birth: 
Dates of Attendance: 
Program/Course of Study:

I highly appreciate your help and your prompt attention to this matter. Kindly contact me for any other details which might be required for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]

How Do Academic Transcripts Vary Internationally? 

Every country has its own formats and grading system which makes the academic transcripts of every country different. While submitting these transcripts for universities abroad, the process requires time for standard verification and includes institutional agreements and the use of technology for verification of the grades. If you want to study abroad at universities without IELTS you will still need your academic transcripts. Here are some key ways academic transcripts vary internationally:

Grading Systems: The grading system is different for every country and has alphabets, numbers, percentages, or grade point scales. 

Course and Degree Titles: Many countries have different course titles like Associate’s degree, Licence degree, Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. 

Transcript Format: Many countries use their native language to write the transcript and officially translate documents for international purposes. The format can also vary as per the institute templates, it can have additional summaries, class ranks or specific performance comments related to the students. 

What is a Transcript Cover? 

A transcript cover is important for presenting and collecting academic transcripts, ensuring they are safe from damage and presented authentically. This cover serves multiple objectives, from keeping the documents safe to making them look professional and original. Here are a few features of an academic transcript cover:

How To Send These Transcripts To Another Institute For Admission?

There are various methods to send your transcripts to any university to which you are applying. Here are a few common methods:


An academic transcript is an important document while applying to universities abroad.  This document provides a detailed and accurate summary of the student’s overall academic journey and helps them and their assessor verify their documentation and support their study abroad journey. The details of the document help the students to make informed decisions about their studies and choose courses that they are strong in. If you are also dreaming of your study abroad journey, ensure you take the help of the best study abroad consultants in Mohali and give wings to your dreams with EduLaunchers!

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