If you are dreaming of studying abroad, you might be aware of the qualifying tests that you have to crack to get accepted into the universities. If you’re thinking about Study in USA, you might have to take an exam to prove that you’re ready for the curriculum at the college level. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing(ACT) are two of the most popular tests, and universities require these test scores as part of the admissions process. These tests determine your knowledge and abilities in critical subjects like science, math, reading, and writing. They can have a significant impact on whether you get into the college of your choice.

Full FormAmerican College Testing
Duration2 hours 55 minutes (additional 40 minutes for writing)

ACT Syllabus

The primary subjects covered in the ACT syllabus are English, math, science, reading, and writing (optional).

EnglishUsage, grammar, sentence sequence and rhetoric skills, Strategy,  Organisation, Style
Math’sGeometry, geometry of the plane, pre/basic algebra, trigonometry.
ReadingFour passages per section – social studies, natural sciences, Fiction, humanities.
ScienceData display, Summaries of research, Challenging views.
Writing (optional)One Essay.

Exam Pattern

The American college testing pattern is simple. It consists of 4 compulsory sections and one optional section. There are 215 MCQs and one essay. The total time duration is 2 hours and 55 minutes. The writing part adds 40 more minutes to the test. Each part scores from 1 to 36 points.

SectionsQuestionsDuration  (minutes)
Writing (optional)1 (essay)40

Eligibility Criteria 

ACT has a very wide criteria. Anyone over the age of 13 can apply for the ACT. Any high school graduate can attempt the exam. People of all ages and grade levels are eligible to take the ACT. There is no age limit in this test.

ACT Exam Dates

There are six to seven main exam dates for the ACT every year. One candidate can repeat the exam about 12 times. A two-month prior application must be submitted in order to be safe and schedule a test date and location.  

2024 ACT Upcoming Dates

Test dates for ACT 2024Application Deadline
23 February 202426 January 2024
24 February 202426 January 2024
12 April 202415 March 2024
13 April 202415 March 2024
7 June 202410 May 2024
8 June 202410 May 2024
12 July 202414 June 2024
13 July 202414 June 2024

ACT Test Fees 

The full ACT (no writing)$68.00
The full ACT with writing$93.00
Test option change$25.00

Registration Details

  1. Your Photo:

Your photo must be the latest and most recent for identification and security purposes. ACT will use this photo for every document necessary, so there are a few requirements that you must follow –  

  1. Accommodations and English Learner Supports

ACT provides full accommodation for test takers. You need to get help from your school or college to request accommodation and wait till the result is provided. 

  1. When You Should Test:

You must decide on a date that is 2-3 months before you apply for any college or university. The result for this test takes around 2 – 8 weeks to come if the ACT is without a written section. For ACT with a written section, results might take 5-8 weeks to get announced. 

  1. ACT Test Center Locator

You will easily find an ACT center locator on the official site of the test, i.e., You will have to enter your ZIP code and territory there, and you will be provided with a few center options. 

  1. Your High School Code

You may need your high school code for your ACT registration. You will find code finder on the official site of ACT.  

  1. The ACT Writing Test

This is an optional test that has an essay and takes around 40 more minutes than the regular ACT. It checks your language, writing skills, and ideas.  The writing section test score does not alter the test score of the ACT without the writing section. 

  1. Parent Email Address:

The candidate can choose to send copies of important messages to their guardian or parents with the help of email.

  1. Calculator Policy

There are a few calculator restrictions for the ACT candidates. You can easily find the exact calculators that are accepted on the ACT site, but generally, non-modified and altered simple calculators are allowed. 

  1. Retesting Restrictions

If you are somehow scheduled for the test more than once during the same test. Your first test will be judged, and the other two will be canceled without any refund. You will only receive the score from one test per state, and that will be considered as your final score. 


American College Testing(ACT) is an essential test to determine the future college and institute of the candidate. The choice of study methods can vary from person to person, but getting coaching and practicing with professional guidance is really beneficial. Make sure to study every day to increase your motivation level. Self-study is a must, but it requires total concentration without a mentor. Create an environment of self-discipline and get good resource books. Check the syllabus thoroughly, and always check how far you have gotten. It is always better to practice step-by-step with the help of previous examples and papers. Buckle up and work hard to grab your dream seat!

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