In Germany, you will find a unique training and education system mix that encourages students to learn with on-the-job experiences. This is termed as Ausbildung courses. Where students are prepared for different fields while training is provided. No course fee is charged, but the students are required to work in specified fields to learn and earn simultaneously. It is a perfect option for Indian students to study in Germany who love a practical knowledge path. It is a very growing sector because course takers can study while earning money. These vocational courses will benefit students by helping them learn valuable skills and set themselves up for stability and independence. 

In essence, Ausbidung classes are like apprenticeships where students learn a specific skill while working on it and earning money. It helps students to gain valuable future skills and secure employment in the future. Many institutes and universities in Germany provide this vocational training to national and international students. Let us discuss the top Ausbilsung courses available in Germany. 

Methods of training Theory & Practical
Program CostFree-of-cost programs
Salary range € 500 – 4000€
Qualification School Education 
Course duration2 – 4 years

Top Ausbildung Courses

1. IT and Computer Science

In the fields of technology and software development, Ausbildung courses are in great demand. Here, students learn about practical subjects like

The average salary in the field of IT and computer science may range from €500 to €2000 per month. The salary depends upon your training level, region of work, and company size. 

2. Engineering

Due to the robust engineering industry of Germany, it is a top course choice for many students who want to pursue practical knowledge methods. It is a 3-4-year course. It includes courses like 

The average monthly salary of graduates from this course varies from €1500 – € 2000. With the increase in knowledge and experience, the salary increases constantly. A person with good experience in a top city location can earn up to €2500.

3. Business Administration 

Business administration is a popular course in Germany. It includes courses in management and business studies. It gives a solid foundation for the student to work in the industry and work on their business ideas in the future. Here are some courses provided

The average salary for any fresher in Business administration is €1200 – € 2200. Salary depends upon the skills and city of work of the student. After a few years of experience, the salary bracket can increase to €2500 – € 3500.

4. Hospitality Industry 

With the increase in the tourism and hotel industry. Ausbildung courses are gaining popularity in the hospitality industry; students might be eligible for tips and gratitude money. Students can study for higher positions while working and learning about the foundation courses. The course list includes

The average salary initially may start from €800 and will increase with the increase in experience and position. Graduates in hotel management might start at €1,800 monthly. Chef might start their salary from €1,600 to €2,000 per month. 

5. Medical and Nursing Services

Due to the increasing need for healthcare programs in Germany. Ausbildung courses in nursing and medical services are increasing rapidly. These courses teach patient care and urgent detailed medical procedures. The courses are as follows

The starting salary may start from  €750 and increase as per the experience and study grades. Nursing gets a starting salary of €2,400, Radiology salary starts from €2,200, Laboratory salary starts from €2,000, and Dental Assisting starting salary is €1,800. 

6. Automotive Systems 

This is a field blended with computer sciences, electronics, and mechanics. It is essential in Germany and is an important part of Ausbildung processes. It is a 3-4 year course where students are taught to design, construct, and automate machinery. The courses are as follows

Every student’s average salary ranges differently depending on their study status and experience. A Mechatronics Technician’s salary starts from €3,000, an Electronics Technician’s salary starts from €2,200, an Automation Technician’s salary starts from €2,000, and a Robotics Technician’s salary starts from €1,800. 

Benefits of Ausbildung Courses:

There are a bunch of different benefits of learning through an Ausbildung course in Germany. Here are a few of the benefits

Disadvantages of Ausbildung Courses:

 Even though Ausbildung courses are so beneficial they too have a slight disadvantage to them. These disadvantages are as follows. 


Studying through Ausbildung courses is a very remarkable opportunity for every student. Students get to learn and work simultaneously and thrive in their future opportunities. Through dual-track, students get to combine theory with practical real-world scenarios. It is an excellent opportunity to create strong and reputable working conditions. Though this path is rewarding, advanced students need to do complete research before joining any such course. You can work with dedication and get the expertise to embark on your journey and flourish in the future with the help of courses taught in Ausbildung.

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