Hospitality Management is a degree that is widely pursued worldwide and opens many job opportunities for students in the hospitality sector. A hospitality management degree is for those who find happiness in taking good care of others. Many students like it due to the nature of the responsibilities, which match their passion for service and customer satisfaction. 

This career is full of bright options in various industries. It can go from hotels and the food and beverage sector to airlines, etc. Australia is one of the most booming nations for students to pursue hospitality management degrees. In this blog, we will learn and see different courses and their details in a bit of brief.   

What is a  Hospitality Management Degree?

A hospitality degree is much more than just serving and caring. It is more about the management and maintenance of the institute with proper guidelines. It is an appropriate blend of theory and practical knowledge. It allows students to understand how real scenarios create a situation where people pay to be entitled to your catering. 

This industry is full of jobs, and attractive pay scales are issued. Here are a few subjects you might study if you study hospitality management in Australia:

Courses for  Hospitality Management 

There are a variety of courses you can choose in hospitality management. These depend on your chosen courses and the industry you want to study and explore. Some of the classes from the hospitality industry are as follows:

Diploma in Hospitality Management1-2 Years
BA in Hospitality Management3-4 Years
BSc Hotel Management 3 Years
BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management)3-4 Years
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration3 Years
MBA Hospitality Management1-2 Years
MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management1-2 Years
MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management1-2 Years

Top Universities For Hospitality Management In Australia

Australia is the epitome of world-class universities that will offer the best courses and education for  Hospitality Management. Here are a few of the universities that are ranked at the top in the QS World University Rankings 2023. 

  1. Blue Mountains International
  2. James Cook University
  3. University of Queensland
  4. Griffith University
  5. International College of Management
  6. Victoria University
  7. Victoria University
  8. Torrens University
  9. Australian school of management
  10. Monash University
UniversityAustralian  Rank 2023 for hospitality 
Blue Mountains International01
James Cook University23
University of Queensland04
Griffith University15
International College of Management67

Fees for  Hospitality Management in Australia for International Students

If you want to pursue a hospitality degree from a deemed university in Australia, your fees will be in the average range of AUD 25,000 to AUD 50,000 per year for the entire duration of the course (3 – 4 years).  The average cost of living may vary depending upon the student’s habits and the area they are living in, but it comes to around 1500-3000 AUD monthly. 

UniversitiesAnnual fees in AUD
Blue Mountains International27,600 – 37,400
James Cook University32,960 – 36,200
University of Queensland40,000 – 46,400
Griffith University31,500 – 35,000
International College of Management15,000 – 33,000

Eligibility Requirements for Indian Students

You must fulfill a few mandatory requirements to pursue  Hospitality Management in Australia. In general, for  Hospitality Management, you should have the following qualifications. 

Documents Required:

The documents required to get admission to  Hospitality Management are as follows:

Career in Hospitality Management 

You can apply for many career options after pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s in  Hospitality Management. Here are a few of the career options you can opt for: 

As for the salaries after completing hospitality management,  the monthly salary in Australia is, on average, around AUD 50,000 to 100,000 per annum. It will likely change from the designated experience and qualification levels of the student or applicant.

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