Want to study in the nation of the royals? The land that gave birth to literary giants like Shakespeare and Dickens, who shaped English literature and global culture, and the hot center of fashion and theatre for youngsters. But who can ignore the breathtaking landscapes and multicultural society?

Why Prefer UK?

Universities in the UK are well-known for their academic level. Many universities here are amongst the top-ranked universities in the world. Expert teachers and flexibly structured, programs make the UK a prime destination for international students. Affordable study options and vast work opportunities make the United Kingdom a hub for education. Everything is set, but are you confused about the study gap eligibility? Relax! We are here to clear all your doubts about the topic of the study gap. We are here to guide you to Study in the UK.

What is a study gap?

Some students end up taking a break intentionally or unintentionally from their studies or education. This can be due to various self-made or forced reasons like needing time to explore or uneven situations with or around them. This gap or break between your previous and current educational status is generally termed a study gap. For example, if a student takes a break of 1 year in between his/her graduation and master’s, that 1-year break is his/her study gap.

How much study gap is acceptable in the UK?

The limited of study gap is not fixed in the country, and it is not common for every student. This gap is different for every university and it also differs for the courses you want to get into. But keeping in mind you need to have a valid explanation for your gap years. Some universities only accept a short study gap of 1 or 2 years, while others may take a longer gap of 3 to 5 years. Let us discuss this in detail below:-

For admission to undergraduate programs

Generally, a study gap of 2 years is most commonly allowed in every university in the United Kingdom. This is for those students who have completed their high school or 12th standard and are applying for a graduate degree in the country. A Few universities like Oxford International also accept a study gap of 3 years with a valid gap year reason to support your application. There is a bright opportunity for you if you have an excellent IELTS score and a strong reason for your break in between studies, a university named University College Birmingham has an acceptance for a study gap of about 5 years.

For admissions to post-graduate programs

Universities in the UK are very lenient in admissions in their postgraduate programs. Generally, a gap of 5 years is accepted by universities. For their acceptance, one should have a strong reason for their break. Few universities also accept a gap of 10 years if the applicant has a relevant gap year explanation and excellent English language proficiency. Acceptable gap year reasons can be a job you were pursuing or a business you were working on. But if your application is not accepted, you can always apply for a pre-master program.

Reasons for a valid study gap

As an international student, you can be worried about what reasons to state in your study gap explanation. But do not worry! Let’s check out various reasons one can use to get accepted for further studies:-

Valid Reason

If your gap is not very large and you have been under some unfavorable situations, you don’t need to go out and be stressed. State your real situations of how suddenly the situation hit you that you had to go on a break. You can also state if you were studying for some competitive exams but failed to crack it. If the institute finds your reason valid or acceptable, they will grant you admission to their institute. Be sure that your reason is proper and good for your acceptance.

Job Experience

If you were doing any work or job during your break periods you can submit a letter of work experience. A reference from your employer or a letter of experience from your employer is quite acceptable. The time frame of your taking a gap year and your applying to take admission should match for the authorities to believe that your break was valid.

A Very Impressive Statement of Purpose

If you are applying to the UK you might have a future goal in your mind. You have to create a strong and impressive SOP (statement of purpose) to convince the authorities that you are a valuable asset to the institute. State the cause of the break and proof of the reason to have a higher chance of getting into your desired university.

Top Universities With the Highest Acceptance Rates



If you have a valid reason for the study gap and your year gap is not very large, you can be easily accepted into a few universities in the UK. In a general two-year study the gap is accepted overall but for any gap more than that a good reason for the gap and a strong SOP with high language proficiency is required. At EduLaunchers, we help you to find the best universities and courses you can opt for. Our experts will help you to consult directly with the universities, and this might increase your chances of getting accepted quickly.

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