With numerous options available, choosing a country for your study abroad journey is daunting. Pursuing education abroad is a path filled with experiences and worthwhile exposure. This will include your education and networking, which will be unparalleled and will make you a better version of yourself.

Why study abroad?

Except for the fact that the exposure and experience are remarkable in abroad destinations, there are plenty of other benefits to choose from while you study abroad. These benefits can range from dazzling additions to your CV to unmatched work opportunities after the completion of your studies.  Foreign universities are abundant with excellent teaching staff and unrivaled resources, so there is no doubt that you are looking for top countries where you can study. You will be independent, confident, and successful if you know how to utilize this opportunity correctly. 

Factors to Check Before Studying Abroad

There are plenty of factors that are essentially required to select any location, course, or institute if you want to study abroad. Here are the factors that you must consider while exploring your options. 

Top Countries for Indian students to study abroad

You will find abundant universities in every country to choose from while thinking about studying abroad. Factors like scholarships, tuition fees, and environment are essential for consideration. Here in this blog, we will discuss your best options if you want to study abroad.

1. Australia

With its world-class education and real-life learning, Australia is among the top destinations where international students reside. Universities present in Australia are deemed to hold global ranks and recognition. Compared to others, Australia has a vast variety of scholarships for students and provides residency status and post-study work options to students if required.

Top universities in Australia

Here are the top universities to study in Australia with a global ranking.

Global RanksUniversities
31Australian National University (ANU)
40University of Sydney
41University of Melbourne
44University of New South Wales (UNSW)
46University of Queensland (UQ)

Scholarship Options

You will find various scholarships in Australia depending on your courses and skills. These scholarships are helpful to enhance your CV and help you financially to keep your journey smooth and stress-free. Here are a few examples – 

Course Fees

Tuition fees for every course may vary depending on the university and selected courses. The living expenses can range from AUD 1000 – 2000 monthly, depending on the spending habits of the student. Here is an average tuition fee range for UG and PG courses. 

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2. United States of America:

Many students have America as their dream destination. Top universities like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford are located in the US. With abundant courses available and flexible curriculums present students are highly attracted to the states. With the influence of different cultures and vibrant lifestyles, students develop new perspectives and make the USA a perfect place for further studies.

Top universities in America

Here are the top universities to study in the USA with a global ranking.

Global RanksUniversities
01Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
04Harvard University
05Stanford University
08University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
29University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Scholarship Options

Scholarships are a great opportunity to make sure that you are financially helped and supported. They are not only a great addition to your resume, but they are also well respected because they showcase your skill sets and talents. Here are a few scholarships that you can avail of in the States. 

Course Fees

Given the institution of study and the courses selected, the cost of tuition may change for every program. The monthly living expenditures might vary between USD 3000 and USD 4000 based on the student’s spending patterns. For UG and PG courses, the average tuition cost range is shown here. 

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3. Canada:

Canada constantly ranks as a top destination for students from India and other foreign nations. Universities in Canada are well renowned and are research-based and innovation-focused. It is a multinational country that celebrates diversity and international students with open arms. After your studies, you will be able to find many work opportunities and professional experiences in Canada. 

Top universities in Canada

Here are the top universities to study in Canada with a global ranking.

Global RanksUniversities
25University of Toronto
31McGill University
45University of British Columbia
118Université de Montréal
119University of Alberta

Scholarship Options

Scholarships not only decrease the burden on the candidate but also keep students focused on their studies. Scholarships are a great addition to your studies and boost your confidence. Many scholarships also help you connect with experienced and smart crowds which will help in your networking and connection building. Here are a few Canadian scholarships offered – 

Course Fees

Depending upon the university of choice and courses that the student put up with. The monthly living expenditures might vary between CAD 3000 and CAD 4000 based on the student’s spending patterns. For UG and PG courses, the average tuition cost range is shown here. 

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4. Germany:

Germany is the land of beautiful landscapes and locations. Education in Germany is relatively cheaper than in other popular countries. Public universities in Germany are free for international students, too. The curriculum in Germany is focused on practical skills, and the market for skilled graduates is thriving, too. Studying in Germany is a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and enjoy life.

Top universities in Germany

Here are the top universities to study in Germany with a global ranking.

Global RanksUniversities
50Technische Universität München
63Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
64Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
117Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
130Freie Universität Berlin

Scholarship Options

Scholarships are required to relieve the stress on the student and their family. It helps to make education more accessible and reduces stress for any student. Receiving any scholarship is a matter of pride and encouragement for the student, too. It will help to reflect your skills and create a better networking platform for the student. Here are a few scholarships for international students in Germany.

Course Fees

Yearly tuition fees are a matter of change. A variety of courses results in a variety of course fees. The average living cost in Germany can be from €800 to €1,000 per month. Here is a list of course fees in Germany.

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5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom or the UK is a quite famous study destination for international students, especially Indian students, due to its great educational universities, rich and diverse cultural legacy, and varied academic options to choose from. With options for affordable study options and many scholarships in the country, there are a lot of chances for innovative research opportunities. The UK allows students to enhance their skills and grow while learning and studying. 

Top Universities in the United Kingdom

Here are the top universities to study in the UK with a global ranking.

Global RanksUniversities
5University of Oxford
7University of Cambridge
8Imperial College London
10UCL (University College London)
20University of Edinburgh

Scholarship Options

Financial help and fee waivers are really important for international students. Not only do they help the student to be stress-free and focus on the curriculum, but they also add a nice addition to your CVs in the future. Scholarships are proof that you are skilled and have talents that need to be respected and appreciated. Here are a few scholarship options for students in the UK.  

Course Fees

Annual tuition fees for UG and PG courses in the UK are different. It depends upon the course and the university itself. The average living cost for a student in the United Kingdom is GBP 4,000 – 5,000. 

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There are many brilliant universities present abroad where any Indian student will feel good and accomplished. Choices should be well-informed to make a good decision and get into a country where you will be able to achieve the best. There are many good universities in every country, but depending on students’ budgets, courses, and future aims, every university serves a different purpose. You need to get good research done and find the best-suited option for yourself. Aim Higher and achieve higher, as the opportunities are limitless. You can get in contact with a reliable consultancy like EduLaunchers to make your journey hassle-free and running smoothly. Explore all options and find the best for you.

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