The USA attracts a large number of international student populations. Due to its world-ranked universities, and globally recognized educational degrees. The United States provides opportunities for academically motivated crowds as well as career-motivated crowds to grow. Top universities, diverse opportunities, and high success rates make the USA a prime destination for all international students.

But, it is not a simple task to enter the country. Applicants need a variety of detailed documents with all the minimum requirements to be fulfilled. One of the most important documents is a Language proficiency test result. So let’s take a deeper look into this factor.

A variety of language tests are valid in the States including IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (test of English as a foreign language), and CAE (Cambridge Assessment English). But today, we will be focusing on IELTS along with a few important details related to the test.


This is simply a test for non-native English speakers to check their ability and proficiency in the English language. The main purpose of this test is to check the reading, listening, and writing abilities with the reasoning skills of the applicant. Not just the US but a whole bunch of other countries like Canada and the United Kingdom trust the IELTS for applicant selection. You do not need to be a perfect English speaker to get a high band score in IELTS, but you need to have a good way of communicating in English. Once you are done with attempting all 4 parts of your test, you will be shown your band score and then your overall band score. The Overall band score is the average of all four sections’ band scores rounded to the closest half-band.


Every institute has its different band requirements for the selection. But to be selected anywhere students should try to score the maximum to study in USA. But at least a 6.5 band overall is required to be on the safer side. The normal IELTS bands start from 1 up to 9, where 1 is the least, and 9 is the maximum number of bands achieved. 

Level of ExcellenceIELTS band
Expert user9
Very good user8
Good user7
Competent user6
Modest user5
Limited user4
Extreme limited user3
Intermittent user2
Extremely limited user1

FOR GRADUATION DEGREE: The band requirement usually changes as per the rank of the university and the choice of course that the applicant wants to apply to. If you are planning to go to the States right after your secondary education, you have to make sure that to get into a good university, you should at least have a score band of 6 – 6.5, this can also increase up to a 7 band if you want to pursue your education in a high ranked university or college.

FOR POST-GRADUATION DEGREE: The band requirement to get into a good university to pursue your master’s degree is the applicant must have a minimum band result of 7.0 bands. This score might also change for the university you are applying to and the type of course that you are choosing. But to be on the safer side a score of 7.0 should be attained.


Harvard University277
California Institute Of Technology277
Stanford University477
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology577
Princeton University777
University Of California877
Yale University Of Chicago1077
Colombia University1177
Johns Hopkins University1377
University Of Los Angeles2077
Cornell University2277.5
Duke University2377
University Of Michigan2477
Northwestern University247.57.5
New York University267.57.5
Carnegie Mellon University287.57.5
University Of Washington2977
University Of San Diego3477
The University Of Texas At Austin476.56.5
University Of Illinois486.56.5
Washington University In St Louis5177
The University Of North Carolina5277
University Of Wisconsin-Madison586.57
Boston University586.57
University Of Southern California6377
Brown University6487
University Of Davis6777
University Of Santa Barbara6877
Ohio State University856.57
University Of Minnesota866.56.5
University Of College Park9377
University Of Irvine9877
Dartmouth College9977
Purdue University1056.56.5
Vanderbilt University1136.57
Pennsylvania State University1196.56.5



Some universities are still there that accept a comparatively low IELTS score and accept applications with low scores. If you get an insufficient band score, don’t panic, talk to the university to which you want to apply and put your query there. Ask if your score is less can they still accept your application or provide any alternate solution for your problem. There might be any other provision through which you could apply but still remember there is always a second chance, try again and work harder.


The IELTS test may sound difficult or the scorings may sound tough to crack, but good preparation and a proactive method of planning can make your work a little easier. With proper coaching and guidance, scoring a good band gets easy. If you are aiming to get scholarships in the USA you will need a band score of 6.5 or above. With the help of EduLaunchers, you can make your dream come true and study at your favorite university. Seek better guidance and a helping hand to get into The States and enjoy your future success.

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