Backlog Certificate – Types, Format, Accepted by Countries

Backlog Certificate - Types, Format, Accepted by Countries

Are you planning to study abroad? While planning, you might have found various exams and certificates to be submitted to complete your process. A Backlog certificate is one of those certificates of requirement. This is only required when you have any backlogs while you try to apply to a new university. It is crucial to […]

Ausbildung Courses in Germany: Top Courses, Salaries, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Ausbildung Courses in Germany

In Germany, you will find a unique training and education system mix that encourages students to learn with on-the-job experiences. This is termed as Ausbildung courses. Where students are prepared for different fields while training is provided. No course fee is charged, but the students are required to work in specified fields to learn and […]

Which is the Better Option to Study Abroad in 2024: UK or USA

Which is better to study abroad in 2024

Introduction Is Oxford still the top dog? Or is MIT paving its way to steal the spot? Are you too lost in the sea of applications? And choosing your destination between the US and the UK. Both countries are among the top destinations for international crowds and are having edge-to-edge competition in terms of education, […]

International Student Policies in Canada, UK, and Australia Amid Economic and Political Shifts

International Student Policies in Canada

Introduction In a significant move, the province of British Columbia, known for hosting the highest number of international students, has recently implemented a two-year temporary ban on approving new colleges for international student enrollment.The temporary ban, put in place for two years, will address rising migration crises, skyrocketing housing prices, degrading education standards, and fraudulent […]

Top Countries for Indian Students to Study Abroad in 2024

Top Countries for Indian students to study abroad in 2024

With numerous options available, choosing a country for your study abroad journey is daunting. Pursuing education abroad is a path filled with experiences and worthwhile exposure. This will include your education and networking, which will be unparalleled and will make you a better version of yourself. Why study abroad? Except for the fact that the […]

ACT 2024 Exam: Syllabus, Patterns, Eligibility, Dates, Fees, Registration.  

ACT 2024 Exam

Introduction If you are dreaming of studying abroad, you might be aware of the qualifying tests that you have to crack to get accepted into the universities. If you’re thinking about Study in USA, you might have to take an exam to prove that you’re ready for the curriculum at the college level. The Scholastic […]

Lesser Known Facts About Republic Day

Lesser-Known Facts About Republic Day

As the sun graced the horizon, a breath of freshness enveloped the air ahead of the anticipation of India’s Republic Day celebrations. There was an air of excitement in entire country during its 75th Republic Day. Roads had been immaculately cleaned, soldiers had meticulously groomed their uniforms, and guests had adorned themselves in their best […]

Engineering in Australia: Courses, Universities, Eligibility, Fees, and Career

Engineering in Australia

Engineering is among the most popular choices among international students, especially from India. Students who want to use their quick intelligence and smartness to change their surroundings. They want to learn how to solve complex problems and explore how things different things work. Engineering courses are an innovative and efficient combination of knowledge. It is […]