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🔔Edu Alerts🔔

🔔Edu Alert🔔


📢NCT’S much – awaited Sep 2024 is Open Now ( For all States and Region)



📌Business – General

📌Business  – Sales and marketing 

📌Business – Accounting

📌 Computer Programming

  Graduate Certificate

📌International Business management 

📌Human Resources management

📌Hospitality and Tourism 


📢Get an opportunity to avail our Second language Excellence Scholarship of $2000* 

📌 Successful applicants must have minimum IELTS overall score of 7.0 and no individual bands less than 6.5.T&Cs applied. 

📌 Seats are limited so Hurry up and applied now! ($100 App free applicable on new applications)

👉Don’t miss the intake and Grab and opportunity to Apply for Sep 24👈

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔


📢Scholarships up to $5000 CAD


 📢 Most Demanded Bachelor Degree Programs– 

📌Bachelor of Business Administration – 4Yrs (BRAMPTON) MAY 24 OPEN

📌Bachelor of Computer Science – 3Yrs/4Yrs (BRAMPTON) MAY 24 O

📌Bachelor of Arts Psychology – 3Yrs (BRAMPTON) MAY 24 OPEN

📢Flat Scholarship of $6000 CAD

📌 Project Management – 2Yrs

📌 Human Resources And Business Management – 2Yrs

📌 Information Technology VR/AR – 2Yrs

👉Limited Seat Available, Apply Before 12 November 2023.👈

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Jan’24 Open Colleges in Ontario

📌Sheridan College @cctt

📌 International Business University

📌 Yorkville university

📌 Carleton University

📌 Lakehead University

📌 Trent University

📌 Conestoga College 

📌 GBC College

📌  Fanshawe College

📌 Fleming College



📌Connect with EDU Counsellor today!

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢CANADORE College North Bay Campus open for May24

📢CANADORE – Commerce Court open for May24


📌 Graduate Certificate Health care Administration(040109)

📌Graduate Certificate Project management(020154)

📌Graduate Certificate – Logistics and supply chain Management(020150)

📌Graduate Certificate – Human Resources Management(020149)

📌Graduate Certificate – Entrepreneurship Management (020153)

📌Graduate Certificate – Business Management (020122)

📌 College Diploma – Business (020115)

📌Graduate Certificate – Construction Project Management (030620)

📌Graduate Certificate – Project Management – Information Technology (020409)


📌Apply NURSING without IELTS

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Open for SEP – 2024 Intake…

📌 At LAURETIAN University, Sudbury CANADA

📌Apply NURSING without IELTS

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Jan 24


📌LMU – TAT 10-15 DAYS



📌UWE – 10 TO 15 DAYS




University Having Less Chance of Interview


For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Jan 2024 intake for Fanshawe

Post Secondary Diploma Program
📌ECE1 – Early Childhood Education

Post Graduate Programs

📌MKM1 – Marketing Management
📌PEM1 – Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering
📌RRM1G – Retirement Residence Management (Toronto)
📌THM3 – Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management (London)
📌THM3G – Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management (Toronto)

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢University of BRANDFORD 

📌Location – Bradford (Near to Manchester)

📌Process – Offer in 10Days – Deposit of 5000 GBP – Financial docs – Interview – CAS – VISA

📌 Avg Fees – 15000 to 18000 GBP

📌IELTS – 6/5.5

📌PTE – 62/59


Hurry up!

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢We are back with the offers

Apply to any University/college in Alberta, Canada

✅Get 50% application fee waiver
✅Limited time offer
✅Don’t miss out on this opportunity
✅Apply now and start your journey to success

Hurry up!

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Coventry University

📌Multiple locations
📌Process – Offer in 5 Days- Deposit of 8000 GBP – Recorded interview – CAS – VISA

📌Avg Fees 13000-17000 GBP

📌IELTS – 6/5.5
📌PTE – 59/59
📌UG open

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔


📌Location – Bristol
📌Process – Offer in 10-15 Days -Interview- Deposit – CAS- VISA

📌Avg Fees -15000 to 18000 GBP

📌IELTS -6.5/5.5
📌PTE – 62/51
📌PG Open

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

🔔Edu Alert🔔

📢Jan 24 is Calling

📌Fleming College – TORONTO
📌Onshore Applications/ Programs Available

College Diploma – Business(BNT) – 2 years

Graduate Certificate – Global Business Management 2 years

Graduate Certificate – Project Management – 1 year

Graduate Certificate – Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics – 1 year

📌One of the opportunities for the Jan’24

For more information Contact us at - 📲 - 076969 97629
Mail Us: info@edulaunchers.com

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Edulaunchers provides comprehensive progress tracking and support to students wishing to study abroad. They assist in monitoring the status of visa applications and provide regular updates on progress and guidance every step of the way. Edulaunchers ensures that students receive the necessary support and guidance throughout the visa application process for a smooth and successful outcome.

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Looking to study abroad? Our highly skilled and qualified Education Consultants are here for you! They'll assess your profile and assist in finding the perfect program that fits you like a glove. Their expertise will save you valuable time and ensure you find the right university that suits your profile. Additionally, we'll guide you through shortlisting institutes and help with applications for the best courses available.

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Is it too complicated to get scholarships to study abroad? Not anymore! Our team of experienced professionals can help you identify the right scholarships for your needs and guide you through the application process. With our expert guidance and support, you can achieve your dreams of studying abroad without worrying about financial constraints.

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Edulaunchers is a study visa consultant specializing in efficient time management for students wishing to study abroad. They provide expert guidance, assistance with documentation, and personal assistance throughout the visa application process. Furthermore, Edulaunchers ensure that students make the most of their time by streamlining the student visa application process.

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At Edulaunchers, we guide you through a maze of queries to find the best solutions suited to your profile and standards and ensure you choose the best career path. We have professional and experienced counsellors who assist in identifying professional goals and help select courses that perfectly fit their career or personal goals.

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At Edulaunchers, we prioritize your study abroad journey. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized counselling every step of the way. We take the time to listen, understand your needs, and offer guidance based on them. Our one-on-one sessions aim to create a custom plan for your successful future. Trust us to care for the entire process!

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Australia is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations, and Indian students have been steadily increasing since visa regulations have been relaxed, making it easier for students to pursue higher education at prestigious universities. Australia's universities provide internationally recognized degrees, vibrant towns, student-friendly guidelines, and high living standards. .

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for study for Indian students. In recent years, the number of students moving to Canada for higher education has increased dramatically. Canada has a strong education system, with degrees and diplomas available in various disciplines. In addition, Canada has a lower education cost than the United States..

Indian students wishing to study in Ireland are offered the opportunity to study at some of the best universities in the world. The pillars of tradition, religion and history at the core of Ireland's culture cumulatively play an essential role in everyday life and the nation's self-perception.

Studying in New Zealand perfectly integrates high-quality education, life and employment opportunities for overseas students. New Zealand's qualifications have a reputation for being both modern and practical. The educational system in New Zealand is based on the renowned British system.

United Kingdom is home to one of the world's most renowned higher education systems, with some of the world's greatest universities. In the United Kingdom, you can study almost every subject you can think of at the diploma, undergraduate, masters or doctoral level.

There is no doubt that the USA education system is the best in the world. It is the safest country to study. An Indian student can be successful in the United States because of a mix of opportunity, economy, and culture. With over 4000 world-class colleges, the United States offers diverse academic degrees and courses.

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The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. She guided me in correct direction; from my course selection to selection of universities to other […]


First, of a fall, I want to thank Sarika ma’am for the wonderful job she did. I was super confused with my SOP work, and she helped me in every way possible. She’s so accommodating that I made her rewrite and revise my statement 5-7 times and she did it with full enthusiasm. Besides writing […]


Every step of the way, right from the begining till the very end i was guided and helped by the most amazing, kind, selfless and extremely hardworking team lead by Ms. Sarika Dubey to reach my goal in getting into the colleges i dreamt of. I could’nt possibly describe how cared for and safe i […]


I am very glad to share my experience with Edulaunchers. I’m pleased to have come across Sarika ma’am for my international education process, the application process can be a very daunting process but Sarika Maam’s constant support through out my journey helped me reach my goal. She goes above and beyond for her students and […]


The whole experience with Edulaunchers has been just superb! Sarika’s support throughout my sister’s visa application has been nothing short of amazing. She made sure that she was available all the time no matter what the situation was. Her humble nature is beyond praise. Thank you for all your support.


These guys are really amazing they helped me in my whole procedure of Australia from the beginning and the counsellor are really very helpful …. thank you so much edulaunchers


After a lot of research i finally decided to visit Edulaunchers. They are incredibly responsive to any inquiries my son had for his course. Totally satisfied with the services we received.


One of the best visa consultancies in mohali..I got my visa within a month under their excellent team work.Thank you so much


We are so lucky that we reached out to Edulaunchers, the process was made so smooth by Sarika mam and her consistent help at each and every step. There were numerous options around us but the personal attention and care we got here made us confident that we will be sailing smooth…I strongly recommend Edulaunchers […]


With her expertise and constant guidance , I have been able to navigate through my I-20, DS-160 and VISA appointment process with a breeze for University of Texas at Austin. Being a resident of Amritsar, I am glad to have opted for Edulaunchers Mohali – would recommend 10/10!


From personal calls every now and then to staying up more than half a night to complete applications, prep me for a video interview, work together on multiple essays and guide me along the way, I never found myself in the need to do a single task myself. The assurance of knowing that all the […]


When we met Sarika for the first time in November 2018 as concerned parents, she made us aware about very important considerations that are crucial for selecting right career for our son based on his aptitude and temperament. With her advise she helped in removing our basic misconceptions regarding the choice of professional career. Thereafter […]


Amazing service! Very helpful! It was good to have them by my side while the application process.


I would like to thank Sarika ma’am for taking the time to speak with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my file and goals, guiding and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities. You are a true example for selfless […]


Very satisfied with the services. I was associated with Sarika and she is knowledgeable about the subject and the process and experienced. She was of a great help to guide us on each and every step of the application process, selection of colleges, suggested alternatives at every stage and more importantly was approachable for us […]


I had an excellent experience Sarika ma’am helped alot The process was very smooth I highly recommend them


The team is very supporting & guides the candidates to best course suiting his aptitude . The experience was very fruitful.


I filed my student visa through Edulaunchers a couple of months back. The process has been really smooth and transparent under guidance of Sarika mam and Megha mam at the Mohali office. I am satisfied with their services and do recommend to others as well.


The decision of studying abroad is always a big one, and finding the correct mentor is nothing less than a miracle. Sarika and team was always available and her vast knowledge and experience helped me complete my process very smoothly. The best part was the whole process was very personalized, regarding the University selection, courses, […]


My experience with the lead counsellor – Sarika, has been amazing. She helped me with the applications, preparing for the VI, and what follows very religiously. On time calls for mocks, help on everything ranging from University selection across the globe to help on housing and travel after visa. Would 100% recommend!!


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    Pawan has been placed in Loyalist College for September 2021 intake in PG Diploma of Supply Chain Management(ERP).

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    Shivi has been placed in RIMT University, Australia, for September 2023 intake in Bachelor of Economics.

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    Priyanka has been placed in the University of Toronto, Canada, for August 2023 in Bachelor of Computer Science intake.

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    Poonam has been accepted to the University of New South Wales, Australia, for the October 2023 Master in Mathematics intake.

    Edulaunchers Review by Poonam Saini, Himachal Pradesh

    Shalini has been accepted to McMaster University, Canada, for the July 2023 intake in MBA; Masters in Business.

    EduLaunchers Review by Shalini, Himachal Pradesh

    Recently Asked Question

    Edu Launchers has a proven track record of successfully guiding students towards their desired study destinations. We provide a wide range of services, including assistance with admission applications, visa applications and accommodation arrangements.

    Yes, the counselling is totally free in Edu Launchers, with no hidden charges. We have a comprehensive team of skilled experts who navigate and provide you with free consultations to study abroad perfectly. We ensure that every effort is made to understand the student’s needs. Each student is assigned a highly professional personal counsellor with in-depth knowledge of the courses offered by the universities. Additionally, we offer tailored packages that meet your needs.

    When applying to study in an English-speaking country such as the US, UK or Canada, every international student must submit TOEFL or IELTS or PTE scores as proof of their proficiency in the English language. These marks are also required during the visa application process.

    Yes, we do give a guarantee of visa approval. We provide professional guidance, support, and assistance throughout the application process, increasing your chances of a successful outcome.

    If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you must prove that you have completed your secondary education and have the required grades as stated by the university.

    If you are a non-native English speaker and wish to study in an English-speaking country, you must take some prescribed English language proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL and obtain the required grades.

    Also, countries have different qualification requirements but don’t fret; there are more similarities than differences.

    You will need your academic documents, passport copy, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and essay (if any) to start the application process. Please consult your study abroad advisor at Merit Higher Education Consultants for guidance.

    The ease of obtaining a study visa can vary depending on individual circumstances and immigration policies. However, countries like Canada, Germany, and Australia are often considered relatively easy to obtain study visas due to their welcoming policies, streamlined application procedures, and opportunities for international students.

    Australia has been recognized as one of the most expensive countries in the world for international students. From tuition fees to the cost of living and eating, studying here is not cheap.

    The Government of India offers several scholarships for students who want to study abroad. Also, almost all universities abroad offer scholarships to students who excel in academics. In addition, some countries also provide free education.